on motivation

motivation is a day-to-day achievement.
whether you are working on
a degree
a fitness and exercise plan
a blog
or a job you aren't incredibly passionate about,
every day you have to get up and make a decision
- over and over again -
to do it.
you have to remind yourself
of the rewards
of the reasons you're putting in this effort.
you have to remind yourself
how you will feel after this day is over,
when you have successfully completed what you set out to do.
it's not even just day-to-day...
i would say motivation is moment-to-moment.
there are times when i am incredibly motivated
(say, to go for a run)
and i find that moments later something puts
a little snag in my plans
and my motivation grinds to a halt instantaneously.
the secret is to be able to re-motivate yourself
when these little snags hit.
dante is amazing at this
...i am not.
when i hit a little snag, my response is usually
"well, i'll try again tomorrow."
so i'm working on tricking myself into having more motivation.
i put pictures and quotes that motivate me
up around the house,
and i tell myself that i only have to do something for five minutes
and if i still want to stop after that,
i can stop.
but you know what?
i never stop after five minutes.
because once i get started,
that motivation kicks in again,
and i remember why i'm pushing myself so hard...
because the rewards are amazing.

what do you do to motivate yourself?
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  1. Music, Music, Music. I have a specific playlist for when I need a pick me up and make me realize my goals are attainable is worth it.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. i needed this. thank you!
    xoxo, jamie

  3. yea i have music playlists too. mostly with loud beats and peppy numbers... quotations work for me too :)

  4. I agree, music is a huge motivator. However, I struggle with this in SO many different aspects of my life. It is SO frustrating!!!

  5. motivation is necesary!!!! jaja

    today: outfits de Blanco, :)



  6. I have a post up about this very topic today! Great minds think alike :) My son motivates me to keep working harder & smarter so I have more time with him!

  7. I am having a hard time motivating myself to get my butt in gear and to workout. Thanks for posting this. I really like the idea of posting notes around the house and the 5 min rule.

  8. it always seems like i am motivated to do the things i WANT to do. and not so much the things i NEED to do :) i often find myself really having to make the conscience decision to be motivated---so i really understand this post!!!

  9. i couldn't agree more... i find that if i just start doing the thing i dont want to do i dont stop after 5 minutes.. and i usually tell myself to smile while im doing it.. the smiling really helps.. :) have a LOVELY day!

  10. Lately I've been getting really good at the, "I'll do it tomorrow." line. Bleh.

    The 5 minute thing is a good idea. It's true, often if I can just start, I can finish.

  11. Music! and of course, the blissful thought if the feeling once I'm done with something.

  12. this is JUST what i needed to read.


  13. so inspiring. i love this.



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