shall we raise chickens?

recently, vancouver changed its bylaw
to allow chicken-keeping in backyards
for the purpose of "making" your own eggs.

i love this idea.
i think chickens are fantastic,
with their calming clucking
and their pensive pecking.
and of course, baby chickens
are just about the sweetest things in the world.
i would adore the opportunity to head out to my chicken coop
every day to feed my lovely hens
and collect their eggs to make our daily breakfasts
and our weekly bread, loaves, muffins
(yes, in my fantasy i make bread & baked goods every single week)

i have only mentioned keeping chickens once to dante,
and he looked at me like i was a lunatic.
so it remains a secret hope
on the backburner of my brain.
of course, we don't even have a backyard...
we only have a balcony
(which, although quite big for a vancouver balcony,
wouldn't have enough room for both us and chickens)
and, of course,
we are leaving town in just over two months
so it doesn't make sense to adopt chickens now
only to have to find them a nice farm at the end of the summer.
but i can still dream about it, right?

as a matter of fact,
we're hoping to have a house or townhouse
with a backyard
once we move to guelph...
i wonder if hen-raising is legal there, too?

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  1. wow, i'm surprised at the change of law. my family used to live in a subdivision in oregon and it was outlawed and such a big deal if you broke this law. but now we live on a farm with like 300+ chickens! it is great having fresh eggs at home ;)

  2. my aunt used to have chickens... it was awesome! you should totally do it if you can!!

  3. what a fab idea :)

  4. soooooooo jealous you can do this!

    i am totally itching to have a few chickens---but right now it's not legal in detroit! here's hoping :)

  5. hahaha you haw to have a law for this. it's so weird. in my contry is allowed to have chickens without any law.

  6. Such a cool idea! Love it!

  7. I've always wanted chickens. As soon as I get a real house with a backyard I am getting them.


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