a weekend to celebrate amazing parents

because i posted the giveaway yesterday
(which is open until thursday, so don't forget to enter)
i didn't get the chance
to post about my wonderful weekend!

my parents came to town
and i spent saturday afternoon with my mom
at an amazing musical...
at the historic stanley theater.
the show was unbelievable!
it featured so many of buddy holly's songs,
we felt more like we were at a concert in the 50s
than at a musical.

we met my dad, my brother mart & sister-in-law lu, and dante
for dinner at the river rock casino
(in my opinion, one of the most fun places in vancouver)
and enjoyed each others company before they left to catch
a ferry back to victoria.

dante & i decided to try our luck at the blackjack tables,
and left with a few extra pennies in our pockets!

it was lovely to see my parents this weekend,
to celebrate my sweet mama's birthday
and to celebrate my dad just for being a great dad.
i will be so sad to move far away in two months
because we'll get to see our family so much less often...

but they'll always be there in our hearts.


  1. parents are just awesome!

  2. awww...what a wonderful family. =)

  3. We need to cherish our parents always!!! Great post...xo

  4. Anonymous23/6/10

    i adore that picture!
    P.S. if you follow me i will follow you


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