women who inspire me

lately i've been reflecting on the many women in my life
who inspire me to be a better person.
i am so lucky to know many strong and confident women
...here are just a few of them...

my mom
who worked full time as a nurse
while my brothers and i were growing up,
and then went back to school
to update her knowledge and expand her horizons.
who stepped into a new and difficult position at work
with grace and perseverance,
even when things were disorganized and tensions were high.
who isn't afraid to try new things,
and who always makes me feel loved and accepted.
who has an incredible sense of style
and an adorable sense of humor.
who cares openly about everyone she meets
and makes everyone she meets feel cared about.
she is the nicest and most wonderful woman i know.

my yoga teacher
who is the most amazingly healthy and
physically strong woman i've ever met,
who is peaceful and friendly and positive all the time,
who encourages me in every yoga-related aspiration i have,
and who is currently working on her masters degree in hkin
to increase her knowledge of the physical side of yoga.

my aunt
who, after finding herself single again after 20 years,
embraced her freedom with a determined force
that brings tears of pride to my eyes.
who is one of the strongest and most resilient women i know,
and who now lives with her dog tundra
in an adorable "bachelorette pad"
we laugh and chat whenever we get together,
and i love spending time with her.

my best friend
who barrels head-first through life
pursuing a career as a stage manager with cirque de soleil
and has already come closer in the one year she's been out of school
than i even imagined would be possible in such a short time.
who is perpetually positive in spite of any setbacks she has,
and who always tries to be frank and honest with herself
even when it's hard to do so.
who makes me feel like i'm not alone in facing
the quirks and struggles that we (as women) may go through
and who always knows just what to say to cheer me up.

who are the women in your life that you draw
strength and inspiration from?

image from weheartit


  1. My mom is one of the women who inspire me too.And one of my uni professors and women scientists who kick some a**ess on their fields!Lovely post!

  2. Aw, I love this post.
    Truly inspiring women indeed!!

  3. My grandmother!!! I love this post! xo

  4. oh i love this!

    i am inspired by my sister.
    my co-worker denise---you just loves so unconditionally.
    and my mom.

  5. This inspires me! I am going to do a blog like this! :) Great work! :)

  6. what a beautiful tribute to the important women in your life. they all sound incredible!!

  7. such a lovely post. i'd say my mom. for a lot of reasons :3

  8. I am in love with this post. My mom for so many reason I can't count them. And my 5th grade teacher - for making me want to learn and telling me that it's ok to want to be a music superstar when I grow up. I'm not in my 20's with a music business degree and running a venue. People forget how amazing woman can be.



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