another amazing day, and finally an evening to rest.

one thing i really love about summer
is that every day seems like a good day
to go out and do something fun.

in wintertime, when the sun sets around 4pm,
it's hard for me to stay motivated
in the middle of the week
to do anything but come home, make dinner,
watch a movie and flop into bed.

but in the summer,
a wednesday evening seems
like the perfect time to...

...do a little shopping...

...meet up for a picnic...

...see an outdoor musical...

...and get home late!

tonight i'm enjoying
a quieter evening which includes
homemade butter chicken
getting cozy on the couch
episodes of the office
and the promise of a walk to get ice cream
before the sun sets.

pretty much,
as long as its summer,
any way you spend your evening
is a good way.

images from weheartit


  1. yum! butter chicken!!

  2. Your pictures are awesome!

  3. This is why I love summer, as well.

  4. true that. i loooove summer nights. the possibilities are endless.

  5. i like your blog. :) and i agree. everything seems better in the summer. i am totally solar-powered.


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