bird in flight giveaway winner

happy thursday morning everyone!

i have to say i don't think
i've wished it was friday
on a thursday morning this much
in a very long time...

to brighten my day
i get to give away a necklace!
the winner of the bird in flight
time traveller necklace is...

congratulations lovely,
and thanks everyone for playing!

tiara image from weheartit



  1. Anonymous29/7/10

    Oh wow, I won? I really won! =] Thank you so much. I love this necklace!

    Here's my email address:

  2. congrats kendra! i just won my first blog giveaway last week and i have to say it was SOOOOO EXCITING!

    ps- meg, your blog rocks.

    pps- thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog today. wanna move to england so we can be friends?!?

  3. Your blog is just lovely!!!

    And congrats to Kendra =)

  4. Anonymous9/8/10

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I got my necklace in the mail today. It's gorgeous and I love it. Thank you so much! =]


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