everything tastes better with good company

last night our fantastic friends
joined us for dinner
at our little campus apartment.

in spite of being reminded by dante
and robyn bringing her camera,
we didn't take any pictures!
so i'll have to use word-pictures.

as our guests arrived,
we set out crunchy,
(a little too) salty kale chips,
homemade guacamole with blue tortilla chips,
and tart/sweet patron margaritas.

we moved on to a delicious bottle of french red
poured from a gorgeous glass decanter
to accompany a dinner of
incredibly tender filet mignon
roasted rosemary-thyme potatoes
grilled tomatoes & asparagus.

dinner was capped off with
an aromatic "monk's blend" of black tea & fragrant flowers
and a scoop of frozen yogurt topped with
blueberries, kiwi, and pomegranite seeds.

we chatted well into the evening
and shared our wedding and honeymoon photos
with our (hopefully not bored!) guests.

it was a wonderful evening,
and i hope we get to do it again before we move!

to continue the deliciousness
we're joining mart & lu
for a hungarian-style picnic...

i hope you all have a
lovely & sunny


  1. and your words are just as great as the photos im sure! im glad u had fun :D

  2. oooooh sounds yummy!

  3. we LOVED it meg!

    the salt-rimmed margaritas. the perfect summer menu. the intentional record selections playing in the background. the tender steaks. the portuguese film. the lively conversation. the european photographs. the sun drench balcony. the local recommendations. the pile of music and movies to bring home.

    totally appreciated!

    we'd love to do it again soon!

  4. that dinner sounds to die for! yummm! i really want to try kale chips, i've never had kale before but i've seen it on food blogs a lot lately. have fun with mart and lu!!

  5. wow!
    great sounds and things you put here!!

    is the first time i visit your blog, but not the last one!

    kisses from http://sweetsyte.blogspot.com/

  6. See, words are sometimes just as good as photos!


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