friday happiness!

today my heart is flooded with happiness.

the sun is shining beautifully

there is only one day of work until the weekend
(an actual two-day weekend!)

everything is on track at work

we are making exciting plans
for our move to guelph
and things are starting (slowly!)
to come together

and i am currently listening to my huge anthology
of beatles songs.

there are so many things to be happy about. 

i love summer.
so. much.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend!

images from weheartit


  1. You sound sooo happy, love it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend:-)

  2. what beautiful summery images! i absolutely LOVE summer as well! glad to hear you are in such high spirits & that things are really starting to come together!! So exciting!! :)

  3. Your posts always make me so happy!! I love how positive you are!! Sending you a hug and enjoy your weekend!! Thank you for always inspiring me with your words! XO

  4. I love all the pictures you post! It's very nice to read and it makes me happy :) I LOVE summer too.

  5. i love this post, so inspiring!

  6. such a gorgeous post, with beautiful pics to accompany it! summer always puts me in a good mood :)

  7. Have a happy friday, saturday, and sunday. Hmm.. Scratch that, I hope everyday is a happy one for you. =)

  8. beatles always make me happy! thanks for your comments. it is encouraging to know that someone is reading our little blog! yay.

  9. I spy a Bumpkin on a Swing!
    Have a great holiday Monday!

  10. Those pictures are beautiful. This has inspired me to live this summer to the fullest ♥

    Amazing Blog(:




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