my favorite time of day

there is something about
being outside in
the early morning
when most people are still in bed.
the sun has yet to fully warm the ground
and the dew clings to the grass,
sparkling in the light.
there is a stillness to this time of day
that makes me feel as if
nothing could be less than perfect
and the world is mine for the taking.
i love to leave the house early
(this morning, 7am)
and breathe the crisp morning air deeply as i walk.
the birds chirp their good mornings softly
and my mood soars high.
i feel most alive
when i am outside in
the early morning.

image from weheartit


  1. Anonymous13/7/10

    I agree; morning is the best time of day. There is so much possibility and so little chaos!

  2. This is exactly how I feel about mornings...such a peaceful time of day.

  3. I love mornings as well. There's something about the stillness and the peacefulness that just makes you want to take it in.

    Love your blog and beautiful post!

    It's funny cause I stumbled upon your blog and thought "Wow, I have curly hair and I love Starbucks" haha.



  4. i think i need to start going for early morning walks now! that sounds like a wonderful way to start the day.

  5. that's beautifully written, i love walking very early in the morning too :3

  6. I love going out for a jog early in the morning. The early morning breeze is so good and refreshing. I also love sunsets, I love how the sky changes colors. =)

  7. I totally agreeee!!!

    Great picture.


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