finally friday!


the move out is over!
we packed up all our stuff
(and donated tons to goodwill)
cleaned the apartment from top to bottom
and brought a van-load back to victoria
for storage of the things we love
but do not use enough
to ship across the country.


the whole process made me start to think about
why we are attached to certain things.
paul couldn't bear to part with almost any of his books,
and no dvds or records were left behind.
i carefully crammed my ikea wicker baskets into boxes,
even though they are incredibly inexpensive to buy again
and who knows what type of storage i'll need
in our guelph townhouse?
i tearfully said goodbye to my collection of makeup bags
but clung to all my old journals and agendas
(even the ones with less than five pages written in them)
and our collection of teddy bears
that were given to us by various friends & family members
(and some from each other).


sometimes i fantasize about getting rid of
absolutely everything
and starting fresh...
but i realized during this process that there are certain things
that are just a part of me,
and they are much harder to say goodbye to than one might think.
and it's not necessarily the things
i would assume i'd be attached to either...
it's very frustrating to realize that there are limitations
i myself have put in the way
of my absolute freedom.


i am not one to keep clutter
- i try to rid myself of old clothes, books, accessories
as often as possible -
but i guess there are always going to be things
that i cannot say goodbye to...
they make me feel like "me"


what types of everyday things
in your life
do you feel inseparably attached to?

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  1. books...books...and anything with a history which, sadly, is pretty much everything...
    I long to be free of these material things. Perhaps someday...
    good luck.

  2. I'm with Andrea, anything with a history (not necessarily even my history ) has to be kept...which makes for quite a lot of stuff!

  3. Im like you..Sometimes I want to toss everything!!! Except..Im obsessed with all my pics..memories of my wedding day, babies births, and all the great times we have had!!! I could toss everything else and be happy :)...ehh...maybe :)

  4. Beautiful blog!

    Sometimes I think it'd be really cathartic to throw everything away and start fresh too, but then I realize how much I'd miss my photos and books and records.....and shoes.

  5. I've been going through a decluttering phase recently as well, getting rid of old clothes, books and CDs I don't need, old cards etc.

    My weird thing that I can't bring myself to throw out is all of my old notes from college and grad school. It was just so much work learning all that material that I can't bear to throw it away! I feel like I need to hang on to the notes and homework sets and exams as proof that I learned all that stuff, once... even though I've forgotten a lot, and will probably never need to look up equations from my physics/ math/ engineering notebooks. I do still look up things in my old textbooks, though :)

  6. hooray! all packed up!

    i totally see where you're coming from with the inability to part with certain things. I'm like that too, and find i have a terribly hard time going through old letters/notes/cards/photos and getting rid of them. Even the ones of people who I'm not even friends with any more. I think it's just because those things represent past times in my life that are just part of me. I also have a helluva time getting rid of my old design school stuff. most of it just sits there collecting dust, but i just can't seem to part with it.

  7. eileen & kristen: i totally have trouble getting rid of my old class notes... i know they're kicking around somewhere at my parents' house! paul keeps a lot of his too (although since he's starting a phd, he'll probably need to refer to them quite a lot so it's justified!)

  8. I have a hard time parting with a lot of my things. Especially things with sentimental value. Whenever it's time for me to empty out my closet I feel so heavy hearted.

  9. My books! Once I had a roommate whose goal was to "help" me get rid of all of the books I owned. I kept them out of her way, in boxes, in the basement, and she still wanted them out. Clearly, she and I were not compatible!

  10. i am a clutter person :( i just couldn't let things go!! >,<

  11. photos and journals. I can't give them up. I have a decent memory but they help me recall all of the good days.

  12. wow, can't believe it's already moving time for you!! hope it goes smoothly. i am definitely more attached to my things than i would like to admit. there's not a whole lot of things i could picture myself easily getting rid of. i'm trying to work on that!


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