guest post: a better self.

Greetings! I'm Kristin from Contented Me, and I'm so excited to be sharing a guest post with you today. I'm a mom-wife-designer from Chicago, and this is a little something that's been on my mind...

I was reading a back issue of O magazine the other morning (Feb '10, I think), and something Oprah had written on the very last page has been playing in mind ever since. She wrote, "I'm getting better, each day, at doing something good for my body, mind, and spirit." Wise words.
Shouldn't we all try that?

For me, this means... spooning with my husband before getting out of bed, eating mindfully, drinking lots of water, going to church, strolling with Lulu on our morning walks (instead of rushing her, as I often do), turning off the TV to play board games, sticking with my weekly yoga practice, honoring my body and all it is capable of, going to bed early when I'm tired, taking more pictures, and reading the newspaper.

What would you do to better yourself?

(Image first spotted here. For sale here.)

Thank you so much, Meg, for letting me be a little part of the magic that is Curls & Coffee. We wish you a safe and speedy trip and a wonderful time with your family.

xo, Kristin


  1. yes, everyone should try it no matter how old you are! But with me, that goal is so easily forgotten with media and junk food. My sister decided to be vegetarian and she's being going at it for about two months now and she is living healthy! All she eat is vegetables while I eat chips and soda.

    I really want to watch the movie eat, pray, love because it is something I want to experience myself.


  2. Hi Meg, how lovely of you to have Kristin as a guest blogger. She´s a sweetie.
    Love that poster, its colours and naive drawings.
    My husband and I go for walks nearly every day and I try to eat as little meat as possible. That's about it. I guess it's not much and I should try harder!

    Kisses to both of you, Meg and Kristin and have a happy weekend!


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