guest post: a delightful day

Living life deliciously and abundantly……that’s exactly what I think when I say “hello!” to Curls and Coffee.  So when Meg posted the opportunity offering a guest spot for one of her posts, I jumped at the chance.  What a great way to meet more artistic and creative people who live brilliantly!?!?!?!?  I’m Allyson from South Carolina (transplanted to Ottawa!), and you can find me at http://allysonreaves.blogspot.com.

 A delightful day so far….
I got to take a swim first thing in the morning, which was
soooooo refreshing.  It got my day started off on the right fun (I guess the saying should be foot, but in this case, I prefer fun:).

Then other loveliness followed….

Running into a good friend on the street and we both happened to be wearing red.
Saying hello to a perfect stranger and both of us smiling as we walked away.
Helping someone with a package, the door, or picking something up.
Being asked for a favor, and feeling excited to do it!
Making a new friend on the blog.
Wearing blue shoes.
Hearing Mom on the other end of a very long phone line.
Knowing we’ve made a difference in someone’s life. 
Living a life worth writing about.

What’s made you smile today?


  1. I love that living a life worth writting about part :)

  2. great tips to live by!

  3. oh what a perfect day!

  4. hey friends!

    thanks for the delightful chatbacks, ladies! will be sure to visit your blogs soon!

    love and hugs~


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