happy monday!

oh my goodness...

we've arrived in guelph,
so i'm in a different city,
a different province,
and a different time zone!

today we move into our new townhouse
just outside the heart of campus.
my job
(while paul is attending lectures
and discussions on text & media)
is to pick up our brand new couch,
search for dishes & home accessories,
and get ready to check in!

it's going to be a busy day...
wish me luck!


  1. sounds like the good kind of busy day!

  2. Have a wonderful time, Meg!

    Liesl :)

  3. good luck! enjoy the fun of settling into a new place!

  4. yay! happy moving in... i can't wait to 'see' your new place :). lots of new season joy and love to you from vancouver!

  5. Welcome to Ontario! If you ever are in Mississauga, let me know. We could have a blog meet up.

  6. Congratulations on your new home!


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