intentions for august.

with my favorite summer month beginning,
and our weekend of indulgence ending,
i think tonight is a good time
to pen some intentions for august.

starting this month,
our life is going to be changing quite a bit.
we'll be moving out of our little campus apartment,
finishing work for the summer,
spending some time in victoria with family & friends,
and before the month is out we'll be
settling into our new townhouse
all the way across the country.

to stay centered through all this change
(as i have learned that i do not deal well with change!)
i've begun a lovely new journal
- a 1st anniversary gift from my wonderful parents -
and have put in ink
these intentions:

1. to enjoy healthy, home-prepared meals
made with fresh ingredients as often as possible,
and to avoid junk food & hard caffeine:
fruit will be my candy,
nuts my salty snacks,
and green tea will be my pick-me-up
in the mornings and after lunch.

2. to set an intention for each day - 
a thought, a goal, or a mood i want to carry with me.

3. to do something active every day,
whether biking, running, hiking,
or a long muscle-building sweatfest at the gym.

4. to pray, meditate, and think positively.

5. to practice yoga first thing every morning,
whether for twenty minutes or an hour
(my yoga classes on campus end this week)
and to continue my study of the philosophy behind yoga
(i've just ordered this book from amazon
by a toronto-based yogi & psychotherapist
and i'm looking forward to beginning it)

my goal is to continue to live a balanced life
that will help me to embrace these upcoming changes
and make the most out of every day.

what are your intentions for the month of august?

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  1. My intention for august is to stop eating a lot of junk food. Keep my room really clean. Finally get my permit.Stop checking my phone every 3 minutes and to only go on facebook once a day.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. you are an inspiration woman! wow, thank you!
    my intentions are to keep life simple and organized, including my schedules, room, car, etc. eat as healthy as possible and workout every chance i get.
    thanks for the great post
    xoxo, jamie

  3. My intentions for this glorious month are as follows;

    1. Enjoy the rest of the time I have with my family before going back to school.
    2. Continue my healthy diet/exercise routine.
    3. Stay focused on God and school.
    4. Love more.

  4. love these, meg! you are so wonderful - i am so going to miss you!

  5. I think I might just use your intentions:) Great list and good luck!

  6. I need to think about it. (How sad is that?)

  7. changes for the good is always healthy for the heart :3

  8. These are great, I wish I was dedicated to do all of these! I think they'd be my goals too.

  9. great list meg! i love your intentionality in living. enjoy this last month of summer, sounds like it's going to be a full one!

  10. wonderful intentions! i posted mine yesterday. i'm hoping to re-focus on healthy habits too - exercise, eating well, and taking care of myself.

  11. Such a great list for August! It's my fav summer month tooo! :)

  12. What an amazing list. My intention, and only intention is to find a job.

  13. I love, love LOVE that I came upon this post today. On my to-do list for today is 'Set Intentions.' It's nice to be reminded. And awesome to see someone else who understands. :)

  14. I love your intentions. I need to make some.

  15. lovely intentions! I should make some, but august sort of blew in this year like a crazy summer thunderstorm. Beautiful post! Good luck with the move!


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