one whole big exciting year.

it's been one whole year
since i said "i do."
and since he said "i do, too."


one whole year
since my brother, his lovely wife,
and my father-in-law
played "better together" by jack johnson
while we signed the book
and made it official.


one whole year
since i started wearing a simple white gold band
that goes perfectly with my
canadian diamond
(which he picked out).


one whole year
since we ran out of the church and around the back
and waited to be let back in
so our friends & family could throw
pink & white streamers at us
(and everyone wondered where we had gone
because the priest forgot to let us back in the locked door!)


one whole year
since we took
silly & romantic pictures
in the park
and on the big blue bridge
and by the old burnt-out,
gorgeously grafitti'd buildings...
and by the train that just happened
to pull into the station.

one whole year
since we dined on waiter-served hors d'oeuvres,
champagne and bc wines,
bacon-wrapped salmon & steak,
and homemade carrot wedding cake
(and since we were so overwhelmed,
we completely forgot to have a piece).


one whole year
since we danced to old swing tunes,
since i threw my bouquet & he threw the garter,
since we waved goodbye and walked
in our wedding attire
to our hotel on the other side of victoria's inner harbour.

one whole year
since our lives changed forever...
since we became husband & wife.

something i've been wanting to do for awhile
is to tell you dante's real name.
i decided today would be a good day to do it.
although dante is a fabulous name,
it is not the name of my husband.
dante is actually

we are paul & meg.
(this is my absolute all-time favorite picture of us)
aren't we cute?


  1. Happy anniversary sweetie! Your wedding pics are gorgeous. And I had no idea Dante was a faux name...lol. Whatever his name, your husband looks like a great guy!

    P.S. Thanks for your offer to lend advice on tweaking my blog design. I think I have most of it figured out, but I'll definitely give you a shout if I run into some questions!

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary, the weddings photos are just so magnificent, it makes me feel so excited about getting married when I'm older. and I was moved when you said your husband's real name, i dunno why but I think Paul and Dante are great guy names. And you look stunning! stay happy and in love

  3. You are the cutest!!!
    Happy and magic anniversary, first to many to come!

  4. Ahhh Honey! That made me emotional!
    Happy Anniversary...XOXO

  5. I love this post!
    It's so cute.
    Congrats! :)

  6. CONGRATS :) how exciting!! have some much fun today!

  7. how adorable! love love love it all! happy anniversary :)

  8. happy anniversary! your wedding looks like it was beautiful!

    and that is funny that you picked a pen name for your husband ~ must say, nice choice! (Dante is a big name in my family.. my grandfather, dad, and brother!) Of course Paul's great, too :)

  9. aww what a cute post! happy anniversary meg! isn't so fun to look back on your wedding day? so dante is just a nickname? so funny! i can definitely see the french in him now. he kinda looks like a guy i met from france actually! have fun celebrating!!

  10. happy firstiversary!! :) looks like your wedding was absolutely adorable; i love the streamers :)

  11. Happy first anniversary! Beautiful wedding pictures too!

  12. Congrats girly, so cute!

  13. What an entirely perfect post!! I am so so happy for the both of you! Sending you a hug MEG!! xo

  14. Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing the pictures and learning your husband's name -- I thought it really was Dante! :)

  15. Congrats and happy anny. Well written. Here is to many many more years!

  16. I love the streamers. what a great idea!

    happy anniversary! you guys are such a gorgeous couple!

  17. congrats! and happy anniversary! lovely wedding!

  18. Happy Anniversary!!! I love your wedding pics!! Way too cute!!! Enjoy your hub time!!

  19. Congratulations! You looked beautiful.

  20. Anonymous3/8/10

    happy anniversary!! this was the cutest post ever!!


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