our anniversary weekend

 {ex nihilo vineyard}

we spent the long weekend
in a perfect paradise
of wooden cabins
surrounded by lush hills full of green trees.

 {in front of the cabin}

we ventured out
to taste a plethora of okanagan wines
ranging from the most delicate pinot blanc
to the amazingly rich and smooth night by ex nihilo
and the gamay noir from grey monk,
gorgeously deep and delicious.

 {enjoying the wine}

we played board games
enjoyed a celebratory bottle of veuve cliquot
relaxed on cozy couches
participated in the silly games
to celebrate our civic holiday
and lounged in a giant hot tub.

 {fierce competition to see who could run the farthest with bungee cords attached}

{veuve cliquot}
{doing a little relaxing}
it was a perfect weekend
to celebrate our wonderful first year of marriage
and look out over the next one
with hopeful breathlessness.

 {a summer patio}

this weekend was a delightful taste
of wonderful things to come.


  1. wow it looks gorgeous! what a wonderful way to spend your anniversary! you look so pretty meg!!

  2. you are so beautiful! the photos are gorgeous!

  3. What a beautiful place...you both look so happy and relaxed :)

  4. Looks like such a great weekend!! CHEERS TO THAT!! Love the photos! xo

  5. Looks like so much fun! You are a beautiful couple :)

  6. That is my kind of celebration! :)

  7. that is one amazing anniversary weekend!!


  8. This trip sounds like perfection! Soo relaxing! That huge thing with the bungees looks like fun. Glad you had a happy anniversary weekend Meg!

  9. what a gorgeous mini getaway! happy anniversary :) good luck with the move and transitions to come!!

  10. u guys were beautiful! and the place is very nice!

  11. lovely lovely lovely getaway!


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