would you like to guest post on curls&coffee?

today is my final day of work!
i'll be spending the day
wrapping up classes
cleaning out my office
writing a tearful goodbye letter
to the teachers i love so much.

today it is exactly one week
until we move out of our
lovely little apartment
at the university,
and head back to victoria
to spend two wonderful weeks
with family and friends.

during this time i expect to be quite busy,
and although i'll be blogging as often as possible,
i'd like to line up some guest posts
to keep you, my lovely readers,
entertained while i'm busy
saying my goodbyes
welcoming my new god-child
into this wonderful world!

if you're interested in doing a guest post
for curls&coffee, please send me an email.
posts could be about anything
as long as they fit within the theme of my blog
(which is love, life, and reflections...
a pretty broad theme)

submissions will be accepted until
wednesday, august 11th...
i'd love for you join me on curls&coffee!

all images from weheartit


  1. oh my god this is an amazing chance for fellow bloggers like me.. Iv always liked your blog because its so colorful and entertaining. Pictures are great and your stories and articles were lovely!

    Have great day :)

  2. good luck with the next few weeks! lots of big changes!!!!!! would love to go a guest post, whether it is on a recipe, our wedding or anything else :)

  3. first time by your blog! would love to guest post but haven't read your blog enough yet - I will be back though!

  4. I Love each one of those pictures! Beautiful!

  5. those are wonderful photos and good luck!! :3


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