a dinner party for two.

last week,
i decided to cook up something
truly delightful with all of our farmers' market finds.

on the menu:
locally raised organic lamb
sauteed kale with sultana raisins
crisp & creamy mini red potatoes
beet & feta salad
with local "old vines foch" red wine
 and apple crumble for dessert

paul took some pictures while i cooked,
including a few shots of the giant pile of sugar
i clumsily spilled on the floor
(pictures which won't be included here)
after realizing halfway through the proceedings
that i had forgotten all about dessert
and still had six apples to peel
and about four minutes to do it!

it got a little hectic after that, but
dinner turned out deliciously
with a thyme-infused lamb roast
perfectly surrounded by delightful flavors
all in harmony with one another.

with the leftover roast
i made lamb curry
(from scratch!)

it was one of the highlights of my culinary abilities,
and maybe one day soon
i'll have enough energy to do it again.


  1. This looks so delicious!!! I am hosting a giveaway on my blog that I think you will enjoy!! Enjoy your weekend! XO

  2. Oh my gosh, that lamb looks soooo good!! I wish I could cook like that!

  3. wow! you are incredible! how i love curry....

  4. Amazing!

    Mmmm, curry sounds delightful right now.

  5. Everything looks delicious! Even though I cut red meat out of my diet, the lamb - both roasted and with curry - looks delicious!!!

    Your hubby is very lucky to have a wonderful chef like you.

  6. oh wow this post made my tummy rumble :< you have a great weekend :3

  7. looks absolutely DELICIOUS.


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