feeling restless.

maybe its the grayness of the sky
or the quiet of the afternoon.

maybe it's the fact that i feel like i've been cooped up since monday
(not wanting to leave the kitten, although that was really by choice).

maybe it was my friend's facebook status that did it, which read
"sitting in a cafe in paris, sipping a cappucino and applying for jobs."

all i know is i'm feeling restless.
if i had a car i'd drive right now to new york or chicago.
if i had an expendable income i'd fly to europe to do a little sightseeing.
but all i have right now is time
and my imagination
to dream of the adventures that will someday be realities.

i think i'd better go for a bike ride,
before i go stir crazy!
maybe paul will come with me...

{images from weheartit}


  1. Anonymous30/9/10

    i agree with the above comment. i love this post.
    wonderful photos, and i resonate with the feeling of restlessness.

    come by chicago if you ever have a chance! i love my city :)

  2. Feeling quite restless as well. I'd LOVE to be sitting in a cafe in Paris right now. Your post perked me up; I was feeling quite irritated but the pictures and your words have reminded me to loosen up (especially the kitty picture) and maybe go for a refreshing walk.

  3. haha AW. that kitty. i want it so bad.

    i also feel restless. just got home, skipping school today since i'm sooo bloody tired. it's madness. but i'm goin to london in a week, and that kind of what keeps me alive at the moment.

  4. oh I know how that feels.. :( well now.. maybe I need to unwind too. Everyone in my batch is graduating from college and I, being an undergrad shall be out of the picture for a few weeks :I


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