hello, my name is mortimer.

i am a little kitten with a new home!

i'm still a bit shy, since i'm quite young...
but i love to play.

i try to be brave, and i've already explored my whole kingdom!
mostly though, i like to sit on soft things
because the hardwood floor in here is a little cold.

mom & dad haven't gotten me a scratching post yet,
so i have to improvise.

i'm always on guard in case anything tries to attack
from above

i'm so little it's a big adventure just to climb the stairs!
sometimes i need to take breaks in the middle.

i'm not too scared of heights though...
i wonder what's down there?

my mom & dad watched seinfeld with me last night,
and i thought it came from in here...

i guess i was wrong.
oh well, it seems like a good place to take a nap.


  1. Seriously this lil guy looks like he's smiling in the last photo! So adorable of a post! I love the pic with him lyin on his back ready to attack & on the stairs! So cute! Congrats on the kitty!

  2. yay, so cute! aww :)

  3. that last pic is classic!

  4. He is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your new kitten!

  5. haha love these :)

  6. oh i just love the little guy! so cute and adorable!!

  7. what a cutie! I love his name too, congrats!

  8. oh my goodness what a cutie!

  9. ahahaha thats the best name for a kitty!

  10. adorable! I LOVE kitties! awww. mortimer is precious. and what a cute name! give him plenty of scratches and kisses!

  11. Awww, so cute!! I have a kitten myself, they are so adorable!

  12. Wow how freakin adorable!

  13. So so so cute!!! I want a kitty so bad but can't have them in my apartment. :(

  14. cute! cute! cute! :)


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