our new town.

on the weekend,
paul & i made a little excursion downtown
in the rain
to explore our new surroundings.

what we found was a teeny-tiny
downtown core
that reminds me of a cross between
a little european village (like a mini-florence)
and the main strip in an old western
where all the showdowns take place.

the streets were filled with ancient stone churches,
three-story brick buildings
whose sides all touched
and lovely looking independant shops.

apparently, the law in downtown guelph
is that no building may be higher than
the "church on the hill",
which is actually called
the church of our lady immaculate
(modeled after notre dame in paris)
...so nothing downtown is too high,
making the town seem even smaller than it is!

all in all,
i found its quite a cute little area,
although definitely more miniscule than i was expecting.
it will definitely take some adjusting to the realization
that deciding to "spend the day downtown"
won't really take up a full day anymore.


  1. I live so close to Guelph and my aunt used to live there, yet I've never been to this downtown core!

  2. So cute! I love finding little places like this.

  3. looks charming, actually. have fun exploring your new home!

  4. such a cute and charming town! reminds me a little bit of the town I went to boarding school.

  5. What a lovely town :)

  6. thank you all - it grows on me every day :)


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