a quick update

during my first week in guelph...

i've gotten sick

i've discovered that my hair
hates the humid ontario summer

i've driven all over town
and almost exploded from stress
just trying to pick up a bed from ikea

i've assembled six pieces of furniture
(several without instructions)

i've marvelled at the beauty of our neighborhood
and the hugeness of our new townhouse

i did a happy dance
as the technician installed our wireless internet
(after 5 days of living in an internet-less house!).


i still have no pictures,
but i promise to post some as soon as our house
looks decent!

our couch arrives tomorrow,
so we'll actually have someplace to sit.
from there, it will only get better!

how's your week going?


  1. I'm glad your week is looking up! Here's to a relaxing weekend just around the corner!

  2. How exciting (and stressful) at the same time! :-) hang in there and enjoy it all!

  3. Sounds exciting, and yay for finally getting internet! I can't wait to see pictures!


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