rainy friday

the rain began yesterday afternoon.

it falls so hard here,
i thought the noise was a chipmunk chewing
on the cardboard boxes i'd left outside.

it hit the leaves in my little overgrown garden
with a happy little slap-slap-slap sound
and i ran to open all the windows
and let the fresh air in.

the rain continues today,
like a vancouver welcome
to my new town.

i feel so at home.

this weekend,
paul & i finally get to spend a day together (!!)
...we're going to walk around downtown guelph...
and on sunday,
we're heading to the niagra region
with paul's school friends
to do a little wine tasting.

i am half hoping the rain clears up by then...
but really,
i wouldn't mind if it stayed around for awhile longer.

 images from weheartit


  1. Welcome to Ontario! Niagara is lovely – I hope you enjoy your winery tours and tastings.

  2. There can be something so fun and romanic about rain and it can even be cozy if you can be inside listening to it...I miss that living in LA!

    Liesl :)

  3. i simply love rains! :) something about them that reminds one of childhood :)

  4. Im sorry but I HATE rain, it always destroys my day when its raining!

    cute blog!

  5. as i read this post it's pouring outside... i love listening to the rain

  6. I love the rain. Probably because I am from the Pacific Northwest.

  7. It felt as if I was on an adventure in the rain as I read your story.:)

  8. i love occasional rains like this :> i hope its okay, I saved some of the photos :>


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