a weekend of new things

happy monday,
lovely readers!
also, a special hello
to all my new readers...
i'm very glad you're here :)

i hope you all had a fantastic weekend...
i visited the guelph farmers market on saturday morning,
and i've been aching to share all my delightful purchases with you!

i'm most excited about
the beets
the fresh mint (for mojitos)
the dinosaur kale
the blueberries (for muffins!)
and the black beans.

the market was huge,
and i have big plans for all the yummy veggies i bought,
and the other things too...


after the farmer's market,
our friends from a nearby town
came for a visit
and we made barbeque everything
before heading downtown for guelph's
nuit blanche
(a whole night of music,
which started in the afternoon
and didn't stop until 6am on sunday morning)
...we could only stay awake until 4:30,
but i still consider it a success!

was was the most fun thing
you did on your weekend?



  1. yay! i bought fresh mint this week too :) i've used it so far for homemade mint lemonade! yum yum

  2. I love the anthro measuring cups!!!

    Velvet Cupcakes

  3. ooh, blueberry muffins sound amazing! and that night of music does too. how fun! (I consider staying up till 4:30 a success, too!)

    my weekend was pretty low key and thoroughly unproductive. but I guess that's not really a bad thing :)

  4. what a rad weekend. all those fresh veggies are making my mouth water!

  5. how soon should i book those family photos? ;)

  6. megs! hi friendie!
    a. farmer's markets ROCK! i love them! what are you going to make with your beets? i have some right now and i'm stumped...
    b. thanks for your sweet comment! i always enjoy reading them {and your blog too.. duh!}
    c. you're great!

    -e {adam-and-e.blogspot.com}

    ps- i'm too lazy to sign out of my mom's coffee shop bloggie blog

  7. robyn - not too soon! but we'll see how long it takes me to find a job... :)

    e - beets!! i used them last night actually (pictures are forthcoming) in a roasted beet & feta salad. it was SO yummy... i got it from my williams-sonoma bride & groom cookbook but it's pretty straightforward - roast the beets in a pan full of water, peel & chop, coat in red wine vinegar. mix with greens (butter lettuce is recommended) and toss in olive oil, red wine vinegar, sherry vinegar... top with feta (i suggest LOTS). yum!


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