welcome to autumn.

dear readers,
today is the first day of autumn.
the leaves here have begun to change color and fall
although many are still clinging to our
warm (but crisp) weather
and remain green on their limbs.
the weather is still temperate,
although the breeze has noticeably cooled
over the past week
and my cardigans are folded neatly on shelves
ready to be used
while in my front hall,
ballerina flats have replaced flip flops
as the go-to shoe of choice.
the grocery and the farmers market
suddenly abound with acorn & butternut squashes
as well as adorable mini pumpkins & decorative gourds
(several of which now adorn my kitchen table).
my head is constantly preoccupied
with the thought of what comfort foods
i'll cook or bake each day
(today was popovers with a dinner
of barbeque chicken and acorn squash fries,
and right now peach shortbread is cooling
on the kitchen counter).
i've suddenly grown content spending an entire afternoon
cuddled in our cozy new brown throw
on the couch, absorbed in a novel
while the golden sun peers through the window.
i love watching summer change to autumn.

 {images from weheartit}


  1. There we so so many Fall goodies out in the grocery store today. I can't wait for the weather to catch up to the goods.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. so good shots! i love the pictures.. and autumn! how ive wishes i can experience that too..

  3. it so does feel like autumn today too! the sky was a bit gray and there was a chill in the air... I actually wore a light jacket! amazing for Southern California! I love summer but I love autumn too!

    p.s. LOVE that last photo! I've been thinking of going red with my hair and I think that girl's looks so lovely!

  4. your life sounds PERFECT right now. sigh. :)

  5. happy autumn meg :)
    you make it all sound so good!

  6. Just the word autumn makes me happy and your pictures were perfect! and your days sound lovely!

    Liesl :)

  7. i knew i'd love your blog when i saw the title, soo pretty! and it didn't disappoint! your posts are beautifully written too, i'm almost disappointed we're only coming into summer in new zealand!

  8. New reader here! Love the pictures in this this post - actually, all of the pictures that you find are gorgeous. I live in Midwest USA, and we have yet to see our leaves change color, but I'm holding my breath in anticipation. I love this time of year too!

  9. Isn't fall just wonderful? This is another post that has me missing fall a lot. I miss wearing layers and I miss pumpkin soup that goes so well with fall season.

  10. mmm pumpkin soup - that sounds amazing!

  11. Beautiful choice of photos xo

  12. hmmm autumn... over here the trees haven't changed color yet but i am definitely looking forward to the day they do :).


  13. Autumn is my favorite time of year!! i just love it <3 and this post is amazing!

  14. i have an awesome pumpkin apple soup. if you want the recipe! and that peach shortbread is pretty fantastic too.

  15. Ahhh . . . Fall is my favorite season!

  16. i would love to get snail mail!! it makes my heart so happy to receive {and write} letters!

    my address is:
    PSC41 Box 6944
    APO,AE 09646

    ps- i love mini squashes!


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