a day of movement & rejuvination.

1. tiptoe downstairs in our fleece housecoats
to enjoy warm, fresh-from-the-oven popovers
with jam & hot coffee for breakfast.

2. traverse through rainy weather by bicycle
in a red toque, a wool peacoat, a deliciously soft skirt and black leggings
led by an eager husband.

3. arrive at a beautiful old brick house
on the outskirts of the university,
now designated for learning.

4. enjoy engaging talks on the media & literature
while munching on vegan chocolate chip cookies.

5. spend hours working up a sweat in the gym,
then follow the hard work with time in the hot tub,
then the steam room.

6. hunt through consignment & vintage stores
for the perfect halloween costumes.

7. return home for a brief nap
before pasta with basil & tomato sauce,
complemented by cumin and a million veggies.

8. cozy up on the couch for a spooky movie.

a long (but excellent) day.

also, the winner of the warmth&clairity giveaway
(picked by random.org) is... jesika!
congratulations, and thanks everyone else for playing!

bike with flowers from weheartit


  1. sounds really good! fell in love with number 2 xDD

  2. what a great day spent u had lovely!! :) pretty photo!

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful day, Meg! Minus the spooky movie, I get scared too easily!

  4. lovely post, you make everything sound so pretty!

  5. i'm SO jealous of your day! #7 is my fave.

  6. wooohoooo! and the snow is coming, so those mittens will be fantastic!


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