words to live by.

i found this quote yesterday in my journal
as i was writing furiously.

it was exactly what i needed.

lately i've been thinking a lot about the past,
and things that have happened
that i wished hadn't.

i've realized it's quite hard for me
to move on and let things go sometimes,
and i've been struggling with these things
...they have been weighing me down.

this quote helped me to remember
that all that really exists is the present moment,
and we have to do our best to make our lives what we want them to be
every minute of every day.

the past cannot be changed; it is passed.
but the present and the future
can be anything you want!

have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. I need to remember this more often!!

  2. "the past cannot be changed; it is passed.but the present and the futurecan be anything you want!" - I love that part. It's something to live by.

    <3 ash

  3. Anonymous29/10/10

    thank you. sometimes it's not enough to tell this to yourself, it's better to hear it from someone else :o)

  4. You always give me so much inspiration!

  5. I love these words and you have some of the best posts. Enjoy your weekend! XO

  6. amen! this is so refreshing to hear, i have a tendency to dwell on "what might have been" too. but seriously, what is the point?!?

    have a lovely weekend meg!

  7. Thank u, i needed this.
    It's so hard not to think about how you should have done things differently. I think about my ex BF all the time...

  8. but i dont even know if i have a future...

  9. lusting this quote! great blog- now following you!


  10. Great quote, this one definitely hit me. =) There are a lot of things that I wish never happened, things that I wish I could have changed but well, this is where I am now and life doesn't do rewinds.

  11. That is perfect! I need to read that quote more often!

  12. Followed you..
    That quote is so true. Sometimes, we tend to live in the past. But we have to accept that some things can't be changed anymore. So let's just live life looking forward and leave what's been said and done..::)

  13. wow, this surely lifted my spirit! thank you so much for sharing. I needed this, too!


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