intentions for october.

i am feeling the need for a little more focus in my life!
after a lovely month of...
*lounging around the house*
*devouring more novels than i can count*
*sleeping in (later than i almost ever have in my life)*
...i'm feeling the need to get back to my productive self
so i've thought of a few intentions for october:

1. get out of bed no later than 830am every weekday morning
and start the day with a yoga practice (long or short)
 2. try two new recipes each week
and return to being mindful of what i'm eating
3. journal every day
4. learn how (& begin) to make preserves & jams
5. focus my job search & start pursuing specific organizations
that i'm interested in working with

have you made any intentions for october?
i'd love to hear them...

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  1. October, my brother's Birthday month. October, I have to do a dance performance. October, I start Year 12. October, october...

    I tried to be poetic.

  2. I've been starting my mornings with yoga and it has changed my life ... literally!! I like this post it inspires me to reflect on my life or rather, daily routines. Hugs to you!! XO

  3. goodness!
    that is one mighty blog!
    totally. impressed!

  4. i hope to GET UP EARLIER... i have to start small. haha.

    ps- i tagged you in a series of questions. i hope you participate. it's fun! :) make sure to link it to me so i can check it out!

  5. As always - love your blog!!
    I hope to - scratch that! I WILL get back to my regular exercise routine!!
    It's the hardest thing to get back into, once I've not done it in a couple of weeks.
    And I will continue eating healthy. NO sugar-products!!
    I will get off my lazy butt and make more raw-food desserts!
    OK - I'm hungry now.

  6. For this month, I hope to not be crabby. I live with my parents right now...I think this is a good goal for me. I *think* it's attainable....

    If not, there's always November ;)

  7. as always, very inspirational!
    I would like to practice yoga at least three times a week and organize and clean out my closet!

    good luck with your list.

  8. oh sounds really good!! I hope my october plans will also be fulfilled <3

  9. sounds like we've all been in a bit of a rut - thanks for this post and for the motivation to get out of bed and take hold of each day!


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