a little trip

it's weird how going away for a short time
can make a huge difference in your reality.
all the little things that change so slowly that you never notice
suddenly seem extremely different when you return from being away...
we returned from toronto to discover

that all the trees outside our windows had mysteriously turned
from green to gold & red
and our kitten had gotten big & fat
(we promptly put him on a little kitty diet
because he was starting to expect scraps off our plates!)
...it seemed like much more time had passed than a day and a half!

but we're glad to be back in our little town,
and our tuesday-night turkey dinner was a success
(a 10lb turkey with all the trimmings...
mashed potatoes & gravy,
delicious stuffing,
cauliflower au gratin,
and apple pie for dessert!)
with TONS left over.
 today i get to spend some time with my favorite ontarian
...my friend emily is driving in from her little town
to hang out and do some yoga.

i'll put up some pictures from our first venture into toronto soon...

enjoy your wednesday,
i hope it's sunny!

bicycle adventure from weheartit


  1. Anonymous13/10/10

    i love seeing the leaves change
    one of my favorite parts of fall :)

  2. Kittens grow so fast, I can't even remember that mine looked so little a couple of months ago. So enjoy it!

  3. I agree that leaving for a short bit puts a perspective on everything. I just went to bikram last night and it was fantastic. Happy yoga session! xo

  4. I agree. :) I went to Indiana for a week where I started to see the beautiful leaves change colors. Then I came back (we had to leave our puppy with the neighbors) and it seemed like he gained 10 pounds overnight while he also grew taller. It's crazy! Have a beautiful day!

    <3 ash

  5. That is so true, Meg...sometimes a step away can refresh everything!

    Liesl :)

  6. glad to know your back ..home!! :)

  7. I love this post! little vacations are sweet little somethings that really can make a huge different. Happy to hear you enjoyed. Added your button to my blog. :)

    xoxo always choose paris


  8. Mmmmmm, you're getting my psyched for our getaway in a week and our Thanksgiving next month!

  9. your turkey dinner sounds fabulous!! yum! can't wait for thanksgiving to come in America! :)

  10. So true! I love a good get away!

  11. dinner sounds lovely and welcome back! :>


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