boots boots boots!

i've been on a quest for winter boots.
tall boots.
boots that will keep my feet warm and dry.
cute/sexy/sophisticated boots.
 gorgeous boots.
boots i won't fall on my ass in!

the perfect boots are hard to find.
if i could have any boots i wanted,
i'd buy all of these...

kate spade's belinda

biviel's long, folded leg

colin stuart's riding boots

michael kors greenwich

cole haan's courtney air

...and so many more!!

what are your fantasy boots?


  1. I dont think they qualify as winter boots, just badass boots but the Joseph Griffin Fisiere Italian Leather Boots from The Territory Ahead.
    Linked: here

  2. Loving the Kate Spade ones, although I have always loved the simplicity of her designs...no matter what it was!

    Liesl :)

  3. I love the first and last ones!!!
    I just bought my first pair (still waiting for them in the mail) I'm so nervous about them. It's been a whirlwind trying to find the right ones :)

  4. I really need to get boots, they all look amazing! i want to buy them all

  5. Anything that fits my calves! Most of those boots are just not going to fit my calves. ::sigh:: They are so cute!

  6. i love all these boots and i'm a big boot person...but i love sjp's umbrella!!
    xoxo, jamie

  7. Anonymous18/11/10

    i just own my first pair of pretty boots this year! i'm so addicted to them already... totally hooked on boots now. :]


  8. oh wow! I saw a good blogger friend post her very long foldable boots, it can be folder 3-4 times and that's like 3-4 boots in one! so yeah, definitely my current lust!

  9. oooh! i want to get some high heeled ones soon :)

  10. SJP looks sexy in that photo! Mmm I want the Kate Spade boots! xo

  11. I LOVE those riding boots! I want! :)


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