happiness is...

i've recently begun reading the happiness project,
which was recommended to me by a lovely friend.

as i flipped through the introduction,
i started thinking about what happiness means to me.

to me,
happiness is...

...biting into a rich chocolate cupcake
with velvety buttercream icing

...those dozing moments of an afternoon nap,
just before falling into a deep sleep

...my kitten falling asleep in my arms

...a yoga class first thing in the morning with an amazing instructor

...making a big pot of pasta & tomato sauce
and throwing everything into the sauce i can think of
to find out it tastes fabulous

...clothes that look adorable but are as comfy as pyjamas

...reading an amazing novel all afternoon
on the couch with a cup of tea

what are the little things in your life that make you happy?

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  1. Aw, this is such a cute post! I think everyone should enjoy the simple things. It would make life a whole lot easier ♥

  2. reading an amazing novel all afternoon
    on the couch with a cup of tea

    substitute coffee or tea and im right there with you!


  3. Anonymous2/11/10

    I enjoy listening to great new music. Reading a novel with a cup of frapp├ęcinno, or watching a movie with a cutie

  4. I agree with this whole list! Especially the tomato sauce!

  5. your blog!

    meg -- I love your new banner, and I'm so sorry I haven't visited in such a long time. i've missed your posts.

    I have been meaning to buy this book. In fact, every time I'm at Anthropologie, I pick it up and flip through it, but for some reason, I never buy it. I think I might just have to next time I'm there!

    What else makes me happy? bear hugs with my husband, listening to the rain while I lay in bed, my dog happily greeting me at the front door, having one of those runs where you feel like you can just keep going and going, when my twinkies giggle.

  6. I read that book and got a few cute ideas from it! I like the morning yoga class on your list, that's probably a nice way to start the day!

  7. Happiness will always sprout from the simplest of things.:

  8. Great one. i wanna check that site.

  9. your blog makes me happy. :)

  10. laughing with new friends.
    having recently moved to a new city i thought it was going to be a long time till i did that again, but i laughed till my sides hurt the other day, so all is well...

  11. This is a great post!! It reminds me to remember the simple things!! Thanks so much!!


  12. I adore this book! I definitely want to read it again.

    Lovely post! :)


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