happy american thanksgiving!

although we're not celebrating thanksgiving today up in canada
(we jump the gun, and celebrate several weeks earlier)
i definitely have plenty to be thankful for...

...the beautiful weather we've been having in ontario
(a little chilly but mostly mild,
a little gray but mostly sunny)
...even if i'm rather jealous of the snow the west is getting,
i know we'll have some soon!

...my amazing husband
who is working so hard right now on term papers
that he spends the whole day in the library
before coming home and spending several more hours
working in his office
...and still has enough positivity to thank me for making him dinner
and enough consideration to choose movies & tv shows
for us to watch when his workday is finally done

...my kitten morty
who is getting bigger every day
and is so sweet and friendly and playful
(he's almost a dog-cat, which is so perfect for me!)
...even though he sometimes gets into a little mischief
(this plant looks a million times worse now
than it did when we took this picture)
we still love him so much.

...my friends and family back home
who have been so lovely and sent me all sorts of goodies
& beautiful cards for my birthday
(and sometimes for no reason at all!)

...our townhouse,
whose size we're still getting used to
and whose kitchen (bright & open)
i fall more in love with every day
...well, every time i do the dishes and it's sparkly clean again!

...our airplane tickets, which are bringing us home on december 17
and which we couldn't have bought without the help of our wonderful parents
(thanks moms & dads!)


i hope your thanksgiving is wonderful today
and that everyone taking tomorrow off
has an amazing long weekend!

happy american thanksgiving!


  1. thanks for the thanksgiving wishes! great post and all great things to be thankful for! and is Morty just the cutest in that picture or what!? haha, is that his favorite place to hang out? cats are so funny.

  2. I love this post- so optimistic! Your kitty is adorable- I have a big ginger boy- they're the sweetest! I love the style of your blog!

    xo Emily


  3. morty is soo cute, wanna play with the little lovely <3 happy thanks giving and thank you for all the inspiring photos, quotes and thoughts <3

  4. beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back:D xoxo http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com/


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