happy friday & a gratitude giveaway!

ahh i'm so happy it's the weekend!
i've decided to brave the chilly weather
and head to the farmer's market tomorrow morning
to indulge in heirloom squashes, tomatoes, apples,
and anything else i can get my hands on!
then i'll meet paul at a fantastic cafe downtown for brunch &
a deliciously long morning of reading and coffee.

also, i realized awhile back
that october marked
curls&coffee's one year anniversary!
i've been reflecting on this,
and i wanted to say a big thank you
to all my wonderful readers...
i am in love with my blog
and i couldn't have gotten this far
without all your amazing comments & incredible support.

curls&coffee has grown from a personal collection of my thoughts
and a way to keep in touch with friends & family back home
into a beautiful outlet for my creativity
and a fun way to share my insight & loves with all of you.

i have big plans for myself & my blog
in the upcoming year,
and i can only hope that curls&coffee with keep growing
and keep engaging readers from all over the world.

to show my appreciation,
i'd like to have a little giveaway in honor of
curls&coffee's first birthday.
leave a comment below and share with me
your favorite post (if you have one) from the past year,
or tell me where, when and why you like to read curls&coffee.
i'll choose a few winners and send you a little something in the mail.
thanks for being a part of my simple taste of life.

images from weheartit


  1. I read your blog everyday because I love it. So full of inspiration and great words!!! Happy Birthday Curls and Coffee!!!!

  2. Happy 1 year!!! I love the layout of your blog and the simple yet poignant posts!

    xo Emily


  3. Can't pick just one favorite post!! I read everyday, where ever I can :)

  4. I love all your posts, Meg, but I think one of my faves is still the first one I ever stumbled upon: Happy Friday (July 23rd)


  5. I enjoy reading your blog everyday! I just discovered it about a month ago but it makes my morning brighter. I enjoy reading it in the mornings on a work break. =) I love being able to get a glimpse into your life in Canada.

    And in all honesty, of the posts I've seen so far my favorite was the one you posted on the last day in October. It was a quote you found in an old journal entry and then you wrote some words about the past and present/future. That post corresponds perfectly with the Bible study I'm going through right now. We're learning to not dwell on the past but to be engaged in the present and excited for our futures. It was a great end of the week reminder last week to continue thinking that way. So thanks for that. =)

  6. I read curls and coffee because it makes you feel all warm and happy inside!
    Like I'm curling up and reading a book about beautiful things, and fantastic travels with the most yummy cup of coffee!
    I can't pick one favorite, because every post is a moment in the blog, that has its own magic!
    Every magic moment is special, so I cannot pick :)
    Thanks for the magic girl! :D

  7. That would be my birth story, woo-hoo!


    Just found ya, now I'm gong to

  8. I love whenever you post about your day! I can't really pick just one favorite. :) Your blog is so adorable and it always brings a smile to my face.


  9. Hey sweetie. Happy blogiversary! Hmmm... I was looking through your blog and honestly, it's so hard to pick a favorite. All of your posts are really good and colorful. I love all the pictures you have on your blog, both personal pictures and pictures from weheartit. I'd have to say I love your posts with quotes on them, like the one you posted on October 29 Words To Live By. "Don't regret what might have been.Accept what is and rejoice in what is yet to be.". I love this quote. Have a happy weekend sweetie

  10. hey darling! i LOVE all the marvelous pictures you put on your posts. now, one of my favorite posts was one friday one that you made a singing in the rain reference... i absolutely love that movie!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What a lovely blog..I love reading! :)

  12. HI!! i love your blog!!
    i love when you write about how you come to terms about being ok with yourself and the predicament that you are in at the time. it's very inspirational :D

  13. All your posts that mentioned anything about moving to Ontario really helped me out the past 6 months or so. Cheers x

  14. Cheers! Happy Anniv to this wonderful blog. i came by your blog through a blogger friend xD I remember there were several posts in this blog that really made me feel better when i was having one of those days, but I have to say it's your Autumn post that is my current fave. I am crazy about Autumn and that's kinda sad for someone who lives in a tropical country lol! So yeah, this post cheered me up xD

  15. my favorite post is a toss up between the "revealing" of paul's name or the post "rethinking you". but, i think im going to go with "rethinking you". it resonated with me and was just what i needed that day, at that time. so thank you for sharing your thoughts =)


  16. so happy i discovered your blog recently and can add it to my daily reads. the poetic and honest thoughts are so wonderful of you to share - i don't have a favorite post yet but i'm looking forward to many to come!

  17. I can't pick just one favorite. I'm not sure exactly when I discovered your blog, but I enjoy seeing your posts in my reader, especially the beautiful photos and quotes. Happy blogiversary!

    soalaurable at gmail dot com

  18. Happy birthday, blog! :D

    I don't remember when I discovered your blog, I tend to blog hop then stop at a blog I like and immediately add it to my google reader. Random things catch my eye so I can't really say what made me add your blog to my reader but I love it anyway. :)

  19. Happy Birthday!! I just recently discovered your blog, and I am glad I did! My favorite post would have to be the recent one about happiness. It sso inspiring and really made me realize I have to much to be happy about!!
    Sherry B.


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