happy november!

november, for me, is
a month of excitement and goal-setting,
mainly because my birthday falls mid-november.
 this year, my goal-setting will revolve around
the mindset i am in,
which is finding my bliss in life.

it will also be the start of my first real winter,
and i'm looking forward to sparkly snow,
long winter coats & snowball fights!

i've set a few intentions for november,

*do my best to make the most of every moment*
 ...life is too short to re-watch sitcom episodes
when there's a whole world waiting to be discovered!

*journal regularly*
...i've been suffering lack of motivation in this department
and my journal has been gazing longingly at me from my nightstand

*spend as much time outside as i can*
...while the sun is shining and before it gets to0 cold
to take long walks or bike rides

*continue to practice yoga regularly*
...which for me right now means at least three times per week...
yoga instills in me a sense of peace & happiness with who i am
which to me is priceless.

do you have any intentions for november?
i'd love to hear them...
i wish you all a wonderful month,

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  1. Awww..those plans are so wonderful. Well, I dunno how could I ever squeeze a time to treat myself this months cuz November for me means a lot of work to do. Geez.

  2. hey! i got your sweet letter ON MY BDAY! aaah! what a treat! thank you so much for writing me, friend! :D it brightened my day!

  3. Your goals are perfectly lovely! I always try to make the most of the not-yet-frigid weather & start planning for the holiday season!

  4. This is lovely and has inspired me to make my own!

    Liesl :)

  5. I so agree with you about the yoga. Its amazing to me how my life just seems to glide when I am practicing yoga. I swear it makes me have more self-control over my food choices as well. Love your blog.


  6. november intentions = wear more scarves often and resist the urge to buy more cute winter coats!!

  7. Great intentions! Whenever I read your blog, I feel like we are soul sisters! :-)

  8. November will be awesome!

  9. Whenever I don't spend anytime outdoors i literally suficate, even if its under a porch in Houston's humid weather, nothing beats being outside.


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