how to spend a late-fall weekend

happy weekend!
since the weather in guelph has been turning
colder, darker & grayer over the past few weeks,
i thought of a list of feel-good things to do
when outside it's feeling more & more like winter...
put on your comfyest clothes
(for me, it's lululemons, a tank top, fuzzy socks & a cozy cardigan)
play a few of your christmas records
(or your ipod playlist)
and putter & tidy the house
until the clutter is gone and everything is in its place
head out to your favorite cafe
(the one that plays the amazing jazz music
and has more than one fireplace)
to spend the afternoon reading a novel
get caught up on laundry
while having a sex&thecity marathon
bundle up (coat, mittens, scarf, toque)
and go for a long walk to enjoy the last of the crunchy leaves
and the quiet before the first snowfall
go craft crazy
(there's so many amazing ideas
on blogs around the web
...and marthastewart.com of course)
visit the museums, art galleries
& heritage houses in your area
(you know, the ones we never seem to step foot in
when the weather is warm & lovely)
make hot apple cider in your crock pot
or on your stove...
the whole house will smell amazing.
better yet, take some in a mug on a long walk
through a park or forest,
or along a river or breakwater

these are just a few things i hope to do this week,
before the snow starts to arrive!
(and probably will continue to do until mid-february)

have a wonderful weekend!

images from weheartit


  1. gorgeous pics! Have just discovered your blog and I love it! Come and see my Shamozal at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle some time. Kirsty (Shamozal)

  2. I love this post. All of those things sound amazing and those pictures are beautiful xx

  3. Your blog is so poetic and inspiring! =)

  4. Anonymous20/11/10

    love the images

  5. That sounds glorious! I'm off to make some hot apple cider :)

  6. have a lovely weekend sweetie!

  7. it all sounds lovely! I can't believe you are going to get snow soon... it only just got cold here this week :)

    happy weekend!

  8. Anonymous20/11/10

    i love this!!! yay for celebrating winter! this is something i've been learning to do and am actually to the point now where i embrace winter. complaining about it and hearing everyone else complain about it just got old and depressing!!


  9. great ideas!
    feel free to follow xoxo
    twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  10. I'll have to do some of these next week when we're supposed to get our first (and probably only) freeze!

  11. oh gosh, it made me all warm and fuzzy already. I particularly like the cafe and novel idea <3

  12. yay for cute/crafty projects! and yay for heritage houses {the name of my local coffee shop back home}!! :)

  13. What a perfect post!! I love your go to comfy outfit!! xo

  14. I want to do all of these things! Your cozy outfits match mine... nothing like cardigans and fuzzy socks.

  15. could not agree with you more on the lulu lemons! I am forever in love with mine. They are worth every penny. We all know us girls have to get caught up in laundry whether we like it or not haha. Reading this made me cozy already, I cannot wait for the weekend now.


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