monday's dinner


almost every week that i've been to the guelph farmers market,
i've returned home with some delicious local beef or lamb
from a little family farm just outside of guelph.
dana, who runs the farm with her husband and is at the market every saturday
is wonderful to talk to and very knowledgeable...
she always gives me amazing recipe ideas
(she was the inspiration for this meal & the even yummier leftovers)
and i love that i'm buying sustainable meat raised in a loving way
and supporting local farmers at the same time.


this week, i picked up some lamb shanks
and got to work finding a recipe worthy of them.
i ended up combining julia child's recipe for "braised leg or shoulder of lamb"
with jamie oliver's recipe for "braised 5-hour lamb with wine, veg and all that"
and then made up my own rules a little bit...
as usual.


the lamb turned out incredibly
with meat that fell right off the bone
and slightly caramelized root veggies infused with white wine & lamb flavour.


the best part?
dinner was incredibly easy, and when we were done
all i had to wash was one dutch oven, a frying pan, and two plates.

i love a good fancy (easy) dinner!


  1. we were hoping you wouldn't bring those plates to guelph, and that we could look after them for you while you are gone ;)

  2. I like everything about this post...simplicity, food, local, lamb, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child and making up your own rules!

  3. Wow great, because I hate doing the dishes!

  4. Anonymous11/11/10

    this looks delicious!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

  5. holy smokes all that food looks AMAZING!!!!
    Want to come and cook my din din for me?! :)

  6. Wow that looks gorgeous! :) Lovely inspiration for my Monday supper! xx


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