music for my bad-sad-mad moods...

i've felt off all day.
i woke up early
(unpleasantly, to morty playing with a ball on our bed
and bouncing all over me)
and huddled myself downstairs in my fuzzy housecoat...
and stayed in my pyjamas almost until lunch.
i didn't feel like getting up to much all afternoon,
even though after the excitement of our weekend
the house was a mess and the dishes were dying to be done.
finally, i knew i had to get off my butt
or i'd regret it afterwards,
so i grabbed my ipod and put on my best mood music:

...this playlist has a great mix of upbeat songs,
moody songs, angry songs & power songs
and singing along to them at the top of my voice
always puts me back in a good state of mind.

i think it's important to acknowledge your moods & feelings,
whether they are happy, sad, angry, grateful, or mopey.

but i think it's just as important to know how to get
back to feeling like yourself,
and these ladies always do the trick for me.

what do you do when you're feeling a little low?


  1. I love the King of Anything song. When I'm feeling low, I usually write or listen to music like you. I like those mood lifting songs! :)

  2. of course I cook and at the same time listening to happy songs:) Love the song I do by lisa loeb

  3. Anonymous17/11/10

    my day was similar because it was cold and rainy. i need a fuzzy housecoat though :] i made a to-do list and got things done anyway because i like crossing things off and feel really bad if i don't!

  4. We all have our bad days:)
    I had them too, but now I'm back. Wish you a lovely weekend sweetie;)


  5. Great songs!!!
    Have you heard of:




    have a good day!

  6. I love your song choices. And I hope by the time you are reading this comment you are well and in good spirits. Sending you some positive vibes. =)

  7. When I'm feeling low, I read blogs, clean & listen to good music. Thanks for helping to provide the first and last on my list :)

  8. have you heard of Bearkat?

    I think you'd like them: http://bearkat.bandcamp.com/album/suitcase-swimmers

  9. hi friend! i'm sad that you were sad. but, you're right. sometimes you can't ignore the feelings. you just have to... feel it.

    when i'm upset i spend time praying to Jesus. and then, i call my momma& sis. those things always cheer me up :)

  10. ps- happy belated bday!!!!

  11. Lisa Loeb! It's been a while! Wow!

    I really like listening to Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me. It's really upbeat and carefree.

  12. oh yeah! I love feel good songs! I have these on my lazy afternoon playlist, too :> thanks so much for sharing

  13. Love all these songs. They know exactly how i feel


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