music for your morning

happy monday!
 i'm feeling so good on this beautiful morning,
i've been dancing through all my morning chores
and i thought i'd share what i've been dancing to...

i first discovered michael franti
when he visited my university in 2004
and i took paul to see his feel-good show.
 we sat on the ground and let his carefree music 
and peaceful message float over us.
his new album is so upbeat
and this morning it brought the feeling of warm summer days
into my chilly apartment.

i plan on listening to these all day!

image from weheartit


  1. I LOVE Micheal Franti and Spearhead! I discovered him in a coffee shop up in the mountains and he's stuck with me ever since. Immediate pick me up everytime I put his cd on!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love 'Say Hey I love you'- I keep hearing it on the radio but always miss the title- so catchy and upbeat!

    Have a great Monday!

  3. I am a HUGE San Francisco Giants fan, and Michael Franti just recently wrote new lyrics to "Say Hey I Love You" to celebrate their World Series Championship and I must "Say Hey I LOVE it!"

  4. Michael Franti's pretty cool.

    He's done some neat stuff in the Middle East too. A few years back he basically went to Israel and Palestine on his own w/ a small film crew and filmed a documentary about the average people there.

    I've yet to watch it, but this reminded me of it and I'm going to have to find a copy to watch.


  5. What a musical treasure?!? Thanks, I love new artists...or things I have not heard before. Sometimes I am way behind on the times....

  6. Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh im listening to it right now, I'm really loving! feel good music is the best <3

  8. both of those songs make me happy. they really do have a feel-good vibe and a slight reggae kick to them. i feel like i should be on vacation or somewhere warm when i listen to them.

  9. love love LOVE. those songs make me soooo happy!!! thanks for making me want to dance around my house :D

  10. This post just made my whole day! Thanks for the smiles :)

  11. I didn't know he was the singer of those songs! I like the first song a lot :D

  12. Say Hey is one of my favorite songs to start the day with!
    Such great beats and positive message.

    Love your blog!

  13. I just saw him for the second time in Montreal! Such fun concerts!! Enjoy your dancing :)


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