on being "you"

while reading gretchen rubin's
something she mentioned stuck with me...
one of her commandments is to
"be gretchen."
and she said at one point that this philosophy meant
letting go of the things that were inherently "not gretchen"
...even if they were things she would like to like to do
(or she felt would be good for her to do),
like visiting a jazz club at midnight or having a super-chic wardrobe,
they were not a part of who she actually was.
being happy means making time for those things
that make your heart sing.

i often covet the qualities i admire in my friends...
.fashion sense.
.grace & class.

yesterday, i was in a situation where
i was meeting many new people
and i noticed while chatting with them
many of the things that make me who i am...
*my cheery personality*
*my ability to laugh at anything*
(and make it contagious)
*my crazy-curly hair*
(that cooperated amazingly for my important day)

i realized that although i will never be the girl
with the amazing fashion sense
who is always well-spoken, witty & put-together
 who can spend ages meandering through an art gallery
and who never says or does the wrong thing,
i am the girl
who makes people feel comfortable in any situation
who wants to help at least one person every day
who is always happy to meet you for
a warm cup of anything & a good chat
who loves to visit civic & social history museums
and who would rather spend hours reading a good book
than go out dancing until four in the morning.

...and i am so happy to be that girl.

happiness doesn't come from achieving or becoming
all the things you think you should,
it comes from finding out
who you really need/want/would love to be,
(or who you already are)
and then happily embracing that person.



  1. Good for you for embracing the real you! That's not always easy to do!

  2. LOVE this.. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful.


  4. love this. am working on it too. the "real" you sounds pretty great!

  5. so true! thanks for sharing. i think that sometimes we even take our own-selves for granted. how boring would life be if everyone had the same traits and qualities.

  6. So so spot-on! I love your style...and I love that you're willing to be you (a you that sounds pretty darn great!). I can also understand the crazy curly hair ;) Keep on keeping on! xoxo

  7. i love this, and i love you!

  8. So very true, and so very well-worded. I'm am absolutely with you on reading a good book for hours. A cup of hot cocoa, a great book, and my PJs make me a happy girl.

  9. First time visitor and I already into your blog big time...

    Love your post here...but sometimes the reality is that it really takes a lot of time to discover who we are and a lot of times other people close to us know us more than we know ourselves.

    I just got to be a follower:)

  10. Aw, I love this! I really needed it today. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. oh, this is very enlightening :3 suddenly I realized I don't need "those" things for Christmas afterall

  12. love this, i def needed that, and i want to read that book.

  13. I'm definitely still figuring out who I am!

  14. I love this post.
    It is so true and powerful to be able to let what isn't you go with the wind and embrace your true self :)

  15. This post is so great!

  16. An encouraging post like this is just the medicine I needed for today. Honestly, this was a beautiful post and I thank you for it. ♥

  17. i love this post, too :) it's something we all need to hear! it's soooo easy to get sucked into trying to be superwoman and wishing you were into things because they sound glamorous or fun, not because you would actually enjoy them. in reality we have limited time each day and have to prioritize the people and activities that make us unique. Plus, the way people see you might be the closer to your ideal self than you think.

  18. Thank you for this post...it is easy to mirror others...to walk on a path, rather than to forge our own way. Individuality is beautiful. Sometimes, I forget that it's okay to want to stay home and have a night of movies in cozy yoga pants and plushy socks with coffee, rather than a glitzy and glam night out, drinking my 20s away. That not doing what I'm "supposed" to be doing is perfectly okay, because it's exactly what I want to be doing. <3

  19. Anonymous1/12/10

    I love the whole idea about this. Funny enough this is the 3rd post this week I've seen about that book. I guess the universe is sending me a message.

  20. beautiful, beautiful meg. i love who you are!

    (and my heart melted at your sweet reference to me...)

  21. Anonymous4/12/10

    Aw...what a sweet post. And I LOVE the snow pictures. Have a lovely weekend. xox ~ Alexandra

  22. This post made me smile :) Thank you for posting it - and it certainly made me think about the same thing!!
    <3 Kiersten


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