on friendships, old & new.

since moving to guelph,
i've been trying to make some new (local) friends.
this can be difficult, especially without the social group
that a full-time job provides.

i've also been dealing with leaving my west coast friends behind.
it's hard to come to terms with the fact that there are people i love
who i'm not able to see on a regular basis anymore,
and that there are some people that i didn't see as much as i could have
and now that i'm living across the country,
i wish i had been able to take better advantage of
the time i had to spend with my wonderful friends.

as we get older, it seems that forming strong new friendships
becomes more of a challenge than ever before.
in high school, we saw each other every day,
ate lunch together and had sleepovers.
at university, we lived in the same dorms
and bonded over exams and relationship drama.

now, many people my age are married or in serious relationships,
and we have our own separate lives
which overlap much less frequently than they used to.
i search more for couples to spend time with
than individual friends that i can pour my heart out to.

chatelaine magazine says that the bff is a myth...
that women aren't actually designed to have friends
that we bare our hearts and souls with
and remain infinitely close to forever.
apparently, this idea of the bff
can end up causing a lot of hurt & pain in the long run
because of broken expectations and things left unsaid too long.
i have experienced this, and know too well
that losing friends who have once been this close
can be as difficult (or more so) as
the breakup of a serious romantic relationship.

but a girl does need a few amazing friends
who know her inside out
(sometimes better than she knows herself)
and i want to say thank you
to the ladies back home in victoria & vancouver
who read my blog...
know that i love you & cherish our friendship,
even more so now that it is long distance.


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  1. this was so very sweet meg :)
    and good luck in making new friends :)

  2. i loved reading that so much...it made me tear up. i am having issues with a dear friend of mine right now and this just hit home. thanks! :)

  3. It seems that there are three types of friends in my life now...
    The forever, be who you are, come as you are.
    The demanding & needy.
    The unreliable.

    The first group are from the past. The newer tend to fall into the other two categories...

    You are so right, it is sooo difficult to make friends now....

    {It's been awhile since I was here...like the new look....}

  4. Oh!
    And the friends I've made through the internet/blogging are a treasured, welcome fourth!

  5. So, so true! Of all the things I miss most about my hometown, it's my best friend. At least we can still email/text/phone each other a zillion times a day.

  6. this was very touching. i so appreciate the few friends i hold close, and the fact that we're all in the same state.

  7. i agree that it is much more of a challenge building friendships as we get older. so many of my closest friends live in different cities too. joel and i are still working on finding couples around here that we both really connect with. it's easier said than done!

  8. I was just thinking the same about how easy it was in high school to take the closeness of friends for granted. You did a lovely job of putting my thoughts into beautiful words and pictures!

  9. aw, meg! melt my heart!
    i miss you too!!!

  10. this most just made me realize how much I miss my friends TT.TT

  11. I just moved away from all my friends and Im having a hard time figuring out how grown ups make friends. Especially in such a small area!


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