i woke up today to snow on the ground!
although the forecast is only for
a few isolated flurries this weekend,
it's been snowing non-stop since this morning,
and i'm hoping it will continue all weekend...
for me, snow is still a novelty
and i'm determined to enjoy it
(no complaints of bus delays or cold toes here!)

 {image sourced from here}
it's so lovely to watch the snow outside the window
at our table in the delightful red brick cafe 
spending the saturday hours working & reading
with local lamb shanks, sausages, apple cider, and camembert
packed carefully away in my bag 
from our morning visit to the farmers market
...waiting to be enjoyed as sunday brunch and dinner.

have a fabulous weekend,


  1. Aw, I love this post. I love snow, it's so beautiful and it makes me feel like the holidays are right around the corner(:

  2. So beautiful! I want snow so badly, but it doesn't look like Nashville will get any anytime soon!

  3. Anonymous27/11/10

    I wish the south got snow this early, I can't remember the last time I had a snow Christmas

  4. I'm trying to not be bitter and twisted about the snow in Ottawa- it really is beautiful and gets me in the holiday spirit! I could do without the sub-zero temparatures however!

    Have a great weekend! xo Emily

  5. i love that it is snowing for you!!

  6. It is always so fun when it snows, especially because I live in central Texas. Last year it snowed a good 4 inches about this time, and they closed school. I love those days (rare as they are) because they mean time for homemade peppermint mochas, fuzzy PJs and a good book =)

  7. oh, I wish it would snow here, it sounds so lovely, to have everything all white all of a sudden <3

  8. there is nothing more exciting than the first snowfall of the season.

  9. Blogging around and found your blog. You can have the snow with my blessings. We had 3 foot on the East Coast here last year, I think I had enough to last me for awhile.

  10. Anonymous28/11/10

    ohmygosh it's magical!! did you take those pics?!


  11. This definitely helped me get in the mood for snow! I love your blog. :)


  12. Anonymous29/11/10

    Dear Meg,
    I love the photos you've posted! The snow is so beautiful!--though I can't tolerate cold weathers very well, I do love snow!

    I'm so glad you've had a wonderful weekend.
    How was your Thanksgiving break?
    I truly hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    I've had such a blessed Thanksgiving this year!
    I am so glad that we have a holiday to celebrate all our blessings!

    I hope you will have a wonderful week!
    -Anna Kristianne

  13. No snow for me yet but I can't wait! Your blog is a breath of fresh air.

  14. so jealous! that looks gorgeous! we've had a rainy day ALL day!

  15. Your blog is beautiful! Following you xo


  16. Anonymous25/8/11

    Anna Kristianne (commenter above) is a lying, deceitful whore, http://hamggesayo.tistory.com/951 has some information on a recent TV show about her. (Requires Korean language, or an amusing auto translation)

    If you know her, tell her she's going to hell for what she has done to her parents :(

    1. Anonymous17/6/12

      I totally agree with you Anonymous above. As you, Anna, keep saying that God knows everything, you're going to have to pay for what you've done..because Anna, he really knows everything.


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