december... begun with snow!

although i knew it wasn't cold enough to stick
i gazed through the windows all morning
enamored with the fluffy white flakes that drifted slowly to the ground.
to my surprise, the snow remained on the grass
and as a bright layer over the field
of crunchy leaves behind my townhouse
giving the first day of december a little extra sparkle.
i'm so happy to have snow,
no matter how small an amount!
i know one day soon i'll be out there making snow angels & snowmen!

december snuck up a little on me...
for the past week, i've had trouble remembering the date
and without buckets of snow on the ground already,
i was hard pressed to believe that it was actually december
(it being so different from the december i'd envisioned
when moving here from rainy vancouver)

but december is here nonetheless,
and this week kicks off
holiday baking
christmas tree decorating
greeting card mailing
wishlist daydreaming
and the countdown to our flight home!

with all the excitement & indulgence of the upcoming month,
i'm going to make an extra effort to keep these intentions in mind...
enjoy these times, even if they get stressful.
they come only once a year.
make time for myself & honor my commitments to myself
(this would include regular yoga practice, spinning classes,
eating mindfully & journalling regularly)
make the most of every moment, especially when there's
the opportunity to spend it with friends or family.
get outside! there's nothing more beautiful than a walk in the snow...
or in the rain (hello, west coast), because the weather upon our return
to ontario won't be so mild!
establish new family traditions & reinforce old ones.
in the end, nothing is more important than family.

do you have any intentions for december?
i'd love to hear them...

ps, today is the first day of hanukkah...
happy festival of light!

wintery images from weheartit


  1. December is such a dreamy month!! I love it! Hope all is well! xo

  2. I love your taste in photos and I adore December so magical.


  3. I said hello to December today too ;) http://www.longdistanceloving.net/2010/12/hello-december.html

    You inspire me! Thanks for keeping this month in perspective! xo

  4. aww today was our first day of snow too!! :) it was magical indeed to see it softly falling when i woke up this morning. i intend on not letting stress get the better of me and taking some time to 100% relax with friends and family!

  5. intentions for december: lots of coffee conversations, numerous naps curled up with my dogs, a nice chunk of study-free california living (including road biking, slacklining and rock climbing), and a long phone call with you! three cheers for a wonderful snowy december!

  6. Awww...happy December to you sweetie. I am missing snowy Decembers with a nice cool breeze. But nonetheless, on my side of the world it is getting a bit cooler and the days seems a bit longer which always has me wanting to bake a lot of xmas goodies and desserts.

  7. I can't believe you got even that little bit..Toronto is so close and we got nothing :( I'm just waiting for the first big blizzard!

  8. YAY December! It's my favorite month of the year!

  9. ugh :< December started here with the scorching heat from the sun :< oh my December plans, I plan to spend lots of time with my friends, to pay them back from previous bonding sessions I wasn't able to attend to.

  10. We don't have snow here yet (Toronto, holla!) but I'm OK with that. We're heading up north for Christmas where I know there is already pushing a foot of snoow and will only increase. I love the Christmas drive, and the transition of grass to wet pavement and ice, and eventually to snow.


  11. I love these photos- we don't get snow in the desert but I still appreciate it- I just found your blog and am enjoying it- I will be back- have a great weekend lady!

  12. Thanks for stopping by, lost this post! Can't wait for some snow here in Nashvegas :) New follower :)

  13. If only I didn't have to drive in the snow!

  14. So beautiful. I love the snow.

  15. I am so jealous that you have snow!

    Just found your blog, excited to follow!


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