(long) weekend... and birthday love!

with the last few days being full of
paul's birthday fun (!!)
a big house cleanup
a trip to toronto
and a fall down the stairs
(resulting in a sadly swollen & sore foot)
i haven't had the chance to give a weekend update!

was paul's birthday
and i made him a delightful breakfast
& raisin tarts (his favorite)
before we prepared the whole house
for the arrival of our friends to the birthday party.
with the addition of a ping pong table to our basement
(our christmas present to ourselves),
we had quite a lot of fun playing & hanging out with people all evening
while paul played deejay & bartender.

was a day full of snow
and i'm so happy to now look out my window
and see the ground covered with
several inches of fluffy white beautifulness.
the day ended unfortunately
as i took a tumble down our stairs and landed hard
on top of my right foot,
causing a lot of pain and swelling.
since i was still limping today,
i went in to see a doctor who promptly sent me in for an xray.
i'm currently hoping my first metatarsal bone isn't broken
(at least i learned a new word out of it!)
but secretly i've always thought
having a broken bone might be a little fun.
since i wouldn't even get a cast if it is broken,
maybe it would be better if it was just a bruise.
for now, i'm feeling pretty helpless as poor paul
cleans up, makes meals & goes to work
while i try to follow doctor's orders and stay off my foot.

paul & i took a trip into toronto for record shopping
(instead of birthday presents he just wanted
a day to explore toronto's record shops)...
well, i sat in a coffee shop and nursed my sore foot
while he shopped for records.
luckily for me, i was able to fit my foot into my cushy
ugg boots without too much uncomfortableness
(they are really like giant pillows, so what could be better?)
and i got to sit in one of the many toronto starbuckses
and enjoy their christmas music & a peppermint mocha
while paul shopped to his heart's content.
he even found a treasure for me...

i'm trying to figure out how to get everything done
before leaving town on thursday
to head back to victoria for the holidays!

...i foresee lots of limping around the house in my near future.

i hope your weekend was wonderful.


  1. hope you haven't hurt yourself too badly! sounds like you had a fun weekend otherwise :) you will get it all done...it always gets done! xoxo {av}

  2. I hope your weekend was wonderful too! (:

  3. i hope it's not too bad darling, it does sound like a marvelous weekend though... good luck with everything else!

  4. Oh I hope you feel better! Sounds like a lovely weekend regardless, though!

  5. Anonymous14/12/10

    This blog is so cute! The snow table/cake is hilarious.

  6. hey...
    get well soon..
    u had a long weeekend already, take it easy :)

  7. I love the picture of the snow cake- that's what it looks like outside here too! I love ping pong-sounds like you had fun!

    xo Emily

  8. aww, feel better! i ran into a bench at work over a week ago and my kneecap is still majorly bruised. no workouts for me for awhile!

    sounds like a magical winter weekend in spite of the pain though!

  9. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the photo!

  10. Wow you're one busy girl! Happy Birthday to Paul. And I hope your foot feels better soon.



  11. love your blog! (just discovered it today). we have so much in common! :) can't wait to read more... xo

  12. oh dear.....i hope that your foot is feeling better!

    i love the snow cake! next time someone ask me what kind of birthday cake i want i'm going to make sure thats my request.

  13. Feel better! And I didn't know you guys were getting snow up north!

  14. that photo with the snow and candles is just SO ADORABLE!!


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