a change in perspective, through coffee.

since returning from bc,
i've been having a little trouble
re-adjusting to our life in guelph.
being away from family & close friends,
and being in a small town
instead of the big city i'm used to,
sometimes makes me feel like maybe guelph
isn't where i want to be.
i'd been feeling a little down about this
for about a week
when i realized tonight
that i should just

more specifically,
i realized this while sitting tonight at william's,
a cafe across the street from my house.
i've been lamenting the lack of good cafes in guelph,
but i looked up from my laptop around at the cafe...
at the red brick walls,
the comfy booths,
the amazing array of food
(& the best cakes i've ever tasted)
the friendly staff
and the somehow pizza parlour-ish atmosphere
of clinking plates & loud conversation
and i realized that it's not so bad here.

guelph may not have
hundreds of amazing independant
restaurants & cafes to discover
or shows & plays to see every night of the week...
but it has a quaint atmosphere
a lovely sense of community
a consistent farmer's market
a few trusty (& fantastic) places to visit for food & drink
and rent reasonable enough to allow us all the space we need
in our townhouse by the university.

life in guelph may not be
what i imagined life to look like,
but it's where we are right now
and it's important to me that
i make the most of this time.
sometimes a shift in perspective is
not only needed,
but essential.

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  1. that coffee house sounds divine! Sometimes its hard to adjust to new places, but it just takes time!

  2. I know how you feel. I just moved to America from New Zealand and sometimes i freak out so much about how far away i am from my family and friends. But then i realise how lucky i am also to be seeing a new way of life and to be in a beautiful city with a whole lot of new adventure in store. Sometimes small town community is just what the soul needs. Theres small treasures to be found everywhere.

  3. Glad things are starting to feel more like home! I have been feeling the same way after coming back from being home for the Holidays. Even though I have lived away from home for 5 years now I still have the urge to move back each time I go home for an extended visit. Glad you are starting to see the bright side, I have to keep reminding myself of all the great things my city has to offer. I do not have a cafe across from my house, wish I did! Lucky!! You should take some pics of those cakes!!
    velvet cupcakes

  4. you are so, so wise and so good at describing your process in such a relatable way. <3<3<3

  5. i too live far from home in a small town in italy and find myself having the same issues. embracing the present has not only helped me here, but everywhere my life takes me!

  6. I know how hard it is to adjust to a new home- I've been in Ottawa for 5 years now and I'm still trying to find my niche. You are on the right track to accepting the little things about Guelph and the coffee house sounds lovely!

  7. I absolutely understand! I am having the same issues in my own small-ish college town.

  8. adorable photo!! Lusting your entire blog- now following you on twitter :)


  9. Anonymous14/1/11

    this is a great way to look at it (: i'm sure you'll find its going to suite you better than you originally thought once you give it a chance.

  10. A cozy cafe can make or break a town. I'm glad you found a great place...with tasty cake...major plus!

    :), luckynumber3.com



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