an evening of simplicity...

 {image from here}
...began with a relaxing afternoon
and a walk home together.
we fell into our cozy couch to enjoy one another's company awhile
before i brought my book into a much-needed bubblebath
and morty sat on the side of the tub & played with the foam.

not wanting to cook,
i convinced paul to order thai food to go
and ventured out into the crisp dark evening to retrieve it.
the night sky was illuminated in shades of gray-pink
and it said... it will snow tomorrow.
we indulged in our overly generous portions
of pad thai and vegetable-beef pho
while watching episodes of six feet under,
which led into conversations about how we'd like to be remembered
and where our final resting places will be
once our time on this earth has come to an end.

after dinner,
paul let his creative side out and rehearsed his presentation for friday
while i snuck upstairs to my little office,
and read more about 
the night will end with brushed teeth,
faces side-by-side in the bathroom mirror,
and legs tangled up under a thick down comforter...
with a kitten by our feet
and heavy heads snuggled down deep into soft pillows.


  1. Anonymous26/1/11

    Simple evenings are my favourite =]

  2. :) beautifully written. i love evenings like that, especially when they involve overly generous portions of pad thai :)

  3. what a lovely night. :)

  4. I just gave you an award on my blog! Check it out! :)


  5. Anonymous26/1/11

    sounds like a wonderful night in my book.

  6. love this writing... love: brushed teeth,
    faces side-by-side in the bathroom mirror,
    and legs tangled up under a thick down comforter...


  7. sounds lovely! we took a snowy walk to our local cambodian restaurant last night. we brought red wine and drank out of plastic wine cups. it was just what we needed!

  8. Those are the best kinds of evenings!

  9. Such a lovely simple night. Thai, reading, sounds relaxing...

  10. oh just lovely evenings like this, perfect vitamins for the soul!

  11. That sounds like a lovely night!

    Six Feet Under is one of my favourite shows, I just finished rewatching all of the seasons over the past few weeks. I will never get tired of it!


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