happy weekend!

this weekend is off to a great start.
i woke up this morning happier than i have been all week
and now we're heading downtown for paul to perform
the piece of oral poetry he's been preparing all week.
hopefully the evening will culminate in all our friends
gathering at our house
for some fun & boardgames.

tomorrow i'm off to the farmer's market for my usual routine
of perusing & picking out some delightful local finds
followed by a delicious coffee, probably at red brick.

other than that,
the weekend should be a quiet one,
full of reading, walks in the snow,
and playtime with morty.

i hope you all have a most wonderful weekend!


  1. Boardgames! My favorite :) I have some of that planned for this weekend too...and a movie!

  2. sounds like a nice and chilled weekend - have fun. the book you're reading looks interesting, might have to check that one out :) xo

  3. Yay! Glad your weekend is already staring out as a good one!

  4. oh I am glad to hear such good news from you! please enjoy your weekends!

  5. Sounds like a perfectly pleasant weekend! :)

  6. sounds lovely. hope the poetry reading went well -- that is so cool! i can't wait until out farmers' market opens back up!!

  7. Anonymous30/1/11

    lovely bike, and photo!

  8. New to your blog but love what you've got here and your whole philosophy of living your best life. I'm excited to poke around a bit more... Hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend!


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