intentions for 2011.

i've made some lofty goals for myself this year,
including to start baking all my own bread,
to convert to buying only local food,
and to knit a sweater.
although i'll be focusing on achieving
some major accomplishments
during 2011,
i want to also make some intentions
that i can carry in my heart
and bring out when i inevitably lose my focus
on how i want to live my day-to-day life.
these are them...

1. take nothing for granted.
i have an amazing husband, a lovely townhouse,
wonderful friends (both here and on the west coast),
and an incredibly supportive & loving family.
i have the luxury to buy the groceries i want every week
and new clothes when i need them.
i have an adorable kitten who is the sweetest cat i've ever met.
i am so lucky to have been able to take the time
to figure out what i want to do with my life.
i have a lot to be thankful for,
and i'm going to work on remembering that.

2. enjoy the simple moments.
if i want to spend the morning in bed reading a book,
an afternoon in the kitchen baking or cooking a gourmet dinner
a day going through or old photos, deciding which ones to print
or taking a snowy walk along our river,
i'm going to enjoy every achingly perfect moment of simplicity
that these little joys offer.
and i'm going to do them purposely more often.

3. do what makes me happy.
if something makes me happy, i'll do it.
if it doesn't make me happy, i won't do it.
i'm quite the hedonist,
so it will take a little discipline to remember
that although i may feel happy in the short run,
sometimes things that make you feel good now
don't make you feel good later.
these are the things to avoid (most of the time).
on the other hand, there are things i dread doing
but am so happy while i'm doing them & once they're done.
these are the things i'm going to focus my energy on doing more often.
i'm not going to do things because they make other people happy.
i'm going to do the things because they make me happy.

4. think like a yogi.
when i practice yoga, i feel free.
i feel like i'm where i should be.
i feel calm & level-headed,
and at peace with myself and everything else.
i'm going to try to keep this feeling
on & off the mat.

5. make the most of right now.
every moment happens just once.
i plan to always keep this thought in the back of my mind...
"is what i'm doing in this moment
what i really want to be doing?"
if not, i'll do something else.

2011 is going to be a year of action.

what are you intentions for 2011?
i'd love to hear them!

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  1. I love this post - the resolutions are amazing as well as the pictures :)


  2. loved your beautiful, new spin on new years resolutions. i'm certain you'll be able to keep yours. making the most of right now is so, so important. happy tuesday!

  3. These are great goals! Mine are similar, I have a post coming up Monday. :)


  4. Lovely! Have a beautiful year! ♥

  5. "is what i'm doing in this moment
    what i really want to be doing?"
    if not, i'll do something else.
    That is great advice to hear. Along with doing what makes me happy. And enjoying the simple moments. And taking nothing for granted. So basically everything you said!
    But really, all people should not only treat each other right, but ourselves. I don't treat myself as much as I should. I need to start that in the new year.

  6. Great goals. They are so lovely and will definitely be fulfilling! Happy New Year!

  7. I was so confused when I saw Lauren's comments. It didn't occur to me that there was another Lauren (silly, I know!).

    I love your goals! I have some similar ones (make more from scratch, learn to knit more than a scarf, read a book a week), and some financial ones as well.

    I have some blog posts up about those @iwilltouchthesky.blogspot.com

  8. Hey!

    First I have to say THANK YOU! I found your blog few months ago and I really like how it looks; all these beautiful pictures, good quotes... I'm thinking about my life a lot, about what I really want... And sometimes when I read your blog, it seem like you're giving me answers to my questions. You must be a really good person. :) Keep being yourself and I have no doubts, you will have an amazing year 2011 :)

  9. Beautiful intentions! I love that you will be making all your own bread and eating local. Your body and environment will thank you.

    :), LUCKYNUMBER3.com

    ***thank you for your comment ♥

  10. Ooh, and I love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

  11. Anonymous4/1/11

    great goals for the new year. I want to finish my novel and gain more wisdom from my religion

  12. I love your plans for the coming year - they're simple steps to being happier! :)
    <3 Kiersten

  13. love this! so refreshing!

  14. Lovely! Your list put me at peace, just by reading it. Thank you.

  15. i am going to be less lazy and put my ideas into action.
    beautiful blog, beautiful list.
    and baking bread is a totally holy experience, haha. i feel like an ancestor when i do it!

  16. These are some amazing resolutions.

  17. what a beautifully thought out list! i really like number 5. makes me think (even moreso) that i should quite my job..

  18. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Wow, your resolutions sound great. Now-a-days, people take for granted everything they have. It's wonderful that you're cherishing life and all the wonderful people and things you already have.

    Best of luck with everything, love.



  19. meg, you are such a lovely woman, and this was so perfectly written and so perfectly inspiring that I feel like I should print this out and hang it at my desk. You touched on so many important things... things that will make you live to your best self. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm so lucky to *know* you! ;)
    xoxo, Kristin

  20. lovely intentions hun, best of luck with them
    im throwing a giveaway on my blog if you'd like to participate dear :)

  21. Though I'm not much of a yogi {I wish I was!}, I can totally relate to your goals! Especially with not taking anything for granted...such a great intention for 2011! 2010 was such a blessed year for me and I have to be so grateful for that :)

    Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday! Hop back over if you have a chance before Sunday...just like MsShamz, I have a fun little giveaway!

    Happy Wednesday! Thanks again for sharing...xoxo {av}

  22. these are great intentions.. I'm with you .

    xxoTess S.

  23. i love your intentions! way better than resolutions. especially #2.

  24. oh yes, i forgot to say that the image choices are rad. love the rooftop contemplation thing- i used to do that when i was younger!

  25. aww I absolutely love your list. you have my favorite list i have read so far. i am very excited that i just found your blog. i can't wait to read about how well you do this year :)



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