it's all in the attitude.

i'm not the type of girl
who is always perfectly dressed
perfectly made up
with perfectly perfect hair...
sometimes (like right now)
i like to stay in my pj's 
until late in the morning
wear no make up
with my hair collected in a messy topknot
...and i've decided
i like it this way.
i love primping & acting girly,
but i don't always have the energy or the time
to dress in cute outfits,
blow out my hair,
& put on full makeup...
sometimes i just want to be comfy.
so i try to rock any look that i am wearing
whether it took me hours or moments
to put together.
chunky plastic framed glasses? rock it.
cute new skirt & tights? rock it.
frizzy hair? rock it.
bright pink lips? rock that too.
a cutely confident un-made up girl
can be just as (and sometimes more) adorable
as a smooth, put together one.
it's all about the attitude baby.
and with the right one, you're a knockout...
whatever you're wearing.

happy monday lovelies.

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  1. Anonymous17/1/11

    I totally agree. Great post!

  2. Love this post - so true! :)


  3. Beautiful post and I totally agree with you!

  4. i am so anti-primping for the "attitude" reason too! plus, everything's good in moderation right? i think that goes for hair/clothes/nails too :)

  5. I love this post- I am a low key girl when it comes to makeup and hair- I let my roots grow out too long and rarely throw on a lippie!

  6. ever since I started working from home, I'm much more into "comfy", too... I've realized that it makes it extra fun when I do get dressed up!

  7. so true - it is all about the attitude! and just relaxing, not worrying about looking too good or getting in some super nice clothes, just chilling on the couch is the best. eh, i may not answer the door when i look like that but hey, it's still a nice feeling

  8. Anonymous18/1/11

    oh wow, loved reading it :) Nicely penned down. M in office so wearing formal outfits, but yeah at home I love to wear comfy clothes xx

  9. Love this and definitely how I feel most days! I love simplicity and... comfortability! Lol.


  10. Great post...I love your blog.!
    Best regards from the Croatian.

  11. LOVE that picture! And that's me most days when I'm at home -- hair tied up in a knot atop my head, jammie pants on and probably a spill or two here or there on my shirt (inevitable with babies!)... it's good to have those cozy moments so you can really enjoy the fully primped moments to the nth degree!

  12. so true! it's all about being comfortable with who/what you are :)

  13. oooh i love love love this post. I feel comfortable in my own skin and go without make up every once in a while. Sometimes I just love being in my most comfy clothes. Despite all these sometimes, even if I have a zit, my boyfriend always makes me feel gorgeous. =) Have a beautiful day sweetie!

  14. Oh, Amen to that! Sleeping in and staying in PJ's is the best. Sometimes it's nice to get ready and look good. But it's also nice to not have to when you don't have the energy or time.
    I love that image, any idea where it's from? I do an "I hate Mondays" post every several weeks where I list all the bad things that "happened" to me on monday, and I'd love to use it if you don't mind!

  15. Rock it!

    Beautiful post! Beautiful blog! I happened on here and don't want to leave.

  16. I just love this! I felt like you were writing about me. You do a great just at explaining how you feel!

  17. Anonymous19/1/11

    im a new follower and I just wanted to say that you blog title is the cutest thing!! :)

  18. I love this! So true.


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