little cold-weather loves

...how easily the skin peels from
sweet potatoes & acorn squash
under the pressure of my fingers
after they've been roasted

...reading by warm lamplight once the brightness of the day
fades from my living room

...how every day i find in myself
new similarities to my lovely mother
(mini afternoon naps, sitting on the sofa
with feet up on the coffee table,
but still somehow aware of life around me
is a habit i now share with her)

...the rich smell
of homemade spiced squash soup
simmering on my stove

...the bright snow outside, coaxing the afternoon light
to remain well into the early evening

...the promise of a quiet evening:
yoga poses
simple dinner
stories of india
cuddles on the couch.

candles from weheartit


  1. we're bracing for the snow here too...sounds like a wonderful evening on tap, wish I could have one like it! enjoy your cozy night! xoxo {av}

  2. mmm looove sweet potatoes and squash, and snow :)

  3. love this photo! xx

  4. that is so cute, i too find myself more and more like kate (mom). maybe it's getting older? and i love your evening, what could be better than yoga, a good book and a lover? nothing!

  5. What a great post!!! I love warm soup on a winter day! XO!

  6. this is such a lovely post! it definitely made me feel warm inside - especially that homemade soup yummy! and that was such a lovely thing to say about your mum :) xxxZ

  7. Yay for cold cuddles to keep warm, warm fireplace, and a warm coffee . . . just snowed last night so I gotta keep warm:-)

  8. mmm squash sounds great, this made me all fuzzy :>

  9. Beautiful poem. It truly is cold outside and I agree with Saving Cuplet, this post just made me feel warm and fuzzy.

  10. I found your blog through another blog and I started reading. I started with your about me and realized that you and your hubby were married the exact same day as me and mine! how cool is that.

  11. you're making me all sleepy reading this very relaxing list. i want to go home and snuggle with my family. ;)


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