not quite right

today i...

cookies, cooling
cookies & milk
cookie, nibbled

...had an insatiable urge for chocolate chip cookies.
so i baked some,
but they turned out a little... flat.
even worse, after only eating three
i got a tummy ache.
and all the fun of making cookies evaporated.

...tried taking a spin class
to shake today's restless/anxious feeling.
but for some reason,
there was minimal spinning involved.
instead, i left with sore shoulders from lifting weights
and the feeling that i hadn't burned enough calories
to shake any kind of feelings.

bath, slowly draining

...thought it would be a good idea to take a nice long bath
in a candlelit room
with an interesting new book.
sadly, i chose a bathtime that coincided
with paul having to rehearse an upcoming presentation,
which he has set to music.
very loud music.
so much for a relaxing bath.

...decided to get out of the house
and wander around the dollar store
before stopping at starbucks for a little treat.
but by the time i realized an outing would probably do me good,
the stores were closing
and there was nowhere to go
(and it's definitely too cold to wander aimlessly).

today i've been feeling not quite comfortable in my own skin.
i'm not sure what it is...
my voice sounds to loud,
my hair is behaving like it belongs to someone else,
my stomach feels topsy turvy,
my face seems shaped wrong,
and my thoughts are all scrambled.
maybe what i need to do is crawl under the covers and wait
for tomorrow to begin.

have you ever had one of those days?

...on that note,
i want your opinion on something...
i've also been feeling a little uncomfortable
in the skin of my space recently
and have been considering remodeling this blog.
i'm also considering changing the name
from curls&coffee
because although i have curly hair
and i do love coffee,
i'm looking for something a little more
and a little less literal.
re-branding myself is something i've done a number of times
over the course of my life,
and i think it's good to shake things up every once in awhile
and redefine yourself.
but i don't want a name change to confuse people
or cause readers to get frustrated or lose interest.
what do you think about this, dear readers?
i'd love to hear your opinion.

finally, here's a picture of mort.
because he always knows what to do
to make me smile.
mortimer, to cheer me up.


  1. Dearest Meg.
    I know exactly how you feel.. those days are a frequent part of my life.I find that a good movie, a comfy blanket and kitty cuddle time works like a charm = ]

    I like the idea of "re-doing" blogs. It's refreshing and I think it makes us feel and write differently. I also hesitate changing the name of curls and coffee. Although it might seems too literal to you.. I'm sure new and current followers enjoy it = ]
    Hope this helps!

  2. Sorry you feel down! It's funny b/c when I'm in a funk I notice every little thing that goes wrong, and it's magnified. These things happen on normal days, but you don't notice:-) It'll get better, don't over analyze it like I always do!

    As far as blog, what names were you thinking? I think curls and coffee is one of my more fav blgo names, just sayin! But if a change is in need, it'll be good!

  3. i know what you mean. I haven't been feeling comfortable in my own skin lately and its something i can't shake.
    As far as your blog goes. i think its you. but if you feel like a change you should. its good for soul sometimes

  4. aww, cheer up darling! we have all had those days for sure! i will love coming to this space however you decide to change it! but i do agree that i love your blog name. curls, because you are so good at accepting things, and coffee, because you are so good at reminding us all to appreciate things!

  5. Do what you feel would make you feel better! It's your space!

    ...And I lovelovelove your kitty.

  6. Anonymous20/1/11

    revamping your blog is your choice. And we will be here to support you :)

  7. If you feel that you need to re-brand then do so. Make it known to everyone and people will follow. After all, as much as we all like pretty headers and layouts, we're here to read YOU :)

    And, yes, tomorrow is another day and we're all entitled to 'off' days once in a while.

  8. I know exactly what you mean! I tell people all the time that I always "feel like an idiot" which I've realized means that much of the time I feel like I've said or done something just a little weird.

    Anyhoo, if this helps, I'm also considering changing my blog name because I picked it in college and I've just changed so much! I'll keep coming here even if you do change it!

  9. Ooo I am a sucker for chocolate chip cookies. these look delicious. have a great weekend!

  10. YUM those look delicious and a bubble bath with candles is exactly what I need atm!

  11. Hope you'll feel better soon and what's in a name? I love your writing so it doesn't matter for me if you change the name of your blog 100 times :) xo

  12. I want those cookies! They look yummy to me!!
    I think you should do whatever you want with your blog! Change the name, look, whatever! It's YOUR blog!
    Hope today is better for you than yesterday!

  13. I just want you to know that I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. It's a cute little meme. If you want to accept head on over to my blog!

  14. Oh the cookies looks delish to me! and I'm so sorry you didn't have the long relaxing bath you wanted :( I get one of those days, too! Usually I just listen to good music while drinking coffee. Changing names, Well, I'm gonna have to get used to whatever name you'll be using then, but for sure, I'll still be reading your post!

  15. flat cookies are still wonderful chocolate cookies...and yummy! here is one of my fave quotes:

    The greatest discovery of my generation is that man can alter his life simply by altering his attitude of mind -William James


  16. I hope today is going better for you! I think we all have these topsy-turvy days when nothing seems right (whatever "right" is). A wise teacher once told me, "In this moment, just be the best (blank) you can be." Be the best sad, angry, frustrated, confused person you can be. Feel it and move through it. It'll pass. It always does or we still wouldn't be here, right?

    p.s. Change is good! Grow into yourself and your readers will follow. :)


  17. To be honest, the name of your blog is what got me to come visit. Love the name....maybe because I am a sucker for a good cup of coffee too! Feel better!

  18. Hi! I think this is called pms! I feel this way once a month. The more I looked deep down myself in order to understand what was going on, the more I realized that the name of the problem was: pms!
    I love the title of your blog.
    Sara C.


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